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Description:Benefits of a Large Loss Response

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

When an area in Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, is affected by a disaster, catastrophic loss often occurs. However, employing a restoration company that can offer a massive loss response can be useful for insurance agents and business owners.

1. Experts Are Equipped with the Right Tools

When a major disaster strikes, the aftermath can be devastating, and it’s common for restoration experts to be overwhelmed with requests. Some local restoration companies may not be equipped to handle all types of disasters, and these companies may not have access to specialized tools. A restoration company with a wide reach can bring in experts with the necessary tools to assist the cleanup and restoration process.

2. Experience to Handle Catastrophes

Whether a catastrophic loss occurs as the result of flooding, storm damage, or a fire, it’s important for business owners and insurance agents to know that the professionals restoring commercial properties are experienced. One person alone may not have the experience to respond to a major disaster. However, when numerous people assist in responding to an emergency, the combined expertise of everyone involved makes the loss response team equipped to manage many aspects of commercial property damage.

3. Timely Reactions

When widespread damage occurs to an area, a local restoration company may not be able to assess it shortly after the disaster. Unfortunately, a slow response can cause a property to acquire more issues, such as mold growth, structural damage, and more. With a significant loss response, however, professionals can quickly assess a property, and after a thorough assessment, experts can assist in preventing additional damage and can begin restoration.

A significant loss response can make managing the effects of a catastrophic loss easier. A large loss response will allow various professionals from different areas to assess the damage. Experts will have the combined experience to handle various significant problems, and the response will likely occur quickly.

3 Ways To Prevent Mold Damage in Your Home

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

Protecting your Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, home from fungi growth can be challenging, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy annual rainfall or high humidity. Water damage is typically the leading cause of mold development, such as hidden leaks or condensation. However, there're a few strategies you can use to prevent these conditions and make your home an unwelcome environment for most strains of fungi.

1. Check Your Home's Pipes Annually

Pipe leaks and weak joints can lead to a plumbing failure, causing a significant flood in your kitchen or bathroom. To prevent this, have your home's pipes checked at least once a year to ensure they are in good working condition. Pipes hidden behind cabinetry can prone to mold growth if they develop leaks. Ask your plumber to check these spaces to ensure mold is not growing on the wood or in dark corners.

2. Reduce Your Home's Humidity

If your home experiences high humidity throughout much of the year, it can lead to mold growth in crawl spaces and attics. You can reduce humidity by using ceiling fans in vulnerable rooms and installing a dehumidifier in smaller areas. On days when humidity is particularly high, avoid taking hot showers and running exhaust fans in your kitchen.

3. Call in a Mold Expert for an Inspection

If you suspect that certain areas of your home may be fostering fungi growth, consider calling water damage and mold remediation service to inspect them. Experienced technicians can check your water lines, exterior pipes, and air conditioning vents to ensure mold has not gained a foothold due to leaks or moisture buildup. It's wise to have a list of questions prepared for the technicians, especially if you have never worked with a mold prevention company before.

Water damage and other problems in your Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, home can cause serious mold issues. Knowing how to prevent them can help you protect your home and keep mold from moving in. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova at (901) 382-0900.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During a Fire

5/20/2021 (Permalink)

cat and dog in a Bartlett, TN, home Follow these tips for your pets safety!

How to Prepare for a Potential Fire Emergency

A fire can quickly engulf any home in Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee. In addition to potentially causing extensive damage, an inferno can also threaten everyone's well-being, including pets. While you can communicate evacuation instructions to human family members, ensuring pet safety can be challenging. Employing these four strategies can help everyone in your family prepare for a potential fire emergency.

1. Keep Leashes Accessible

A leash is an essential pet care accessory that can safely extract your dog or cat from the premises and keep track of them in the ensuing chaos. To expedite its retrieval, you should store this device near a frequently-used exit. You should also train your pet to come to you when called promptly.

2. Practice Evacuating With Pets

If you have children, consider routinely performing fire drills to ensure everyone understands crucial evacuation procedures. Including your pets in these exercises may be extremely beneficial.

3. Post a Pet Alert Sign

A pet alert sign is another useful fire emergency planning tool that you can attach to windows near your front and back doors. These placards are designed to help first responders quickly identify the number of animals living inside the residence. Posting this information may be especially vital if a fire erupts when no one is home.

4. Help Others Identify Your Pet

A frightened animal may run away during a crisis. Purchasing an identification tag and microchipping each pet can enable others to determine the correct owner quickly. To eliminate communication problems, be sure to update both items if your contact information changes.

Enduring a fire emergency can be a daunting experience. If you have animals inside your home, pet preparation should be a component of your family evacuation plan. In addition to providing peace of mind, knowing both your human and furry family members are safe may reduce the stress of the fire cleanup and restoration process.

4 Tips For Flood Protection

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Have a storm plan incase of an emergency ! Have a storm plan in case of an emergency!

Flood Protection

When heavy rains descend, your building in Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, may be in danger of flood damage. To avoid having to put your business on hold for massive flood cleanup, follow these tips to protect your building from significant damage.

1. Inspect Building Frequently

You are likely sticking to a seasonal inspection schedule, but if the forecast indicates that a strong storm is approaching, it makes sense to inspect it again. Look at your exterior walls, foundation, and roof to see if there're any cracks where water could get in. If you find any problems, contact storm damage experts for repairs that can be done before the storm hits.

2. Keep Drainage System Clean

Giving excess water a place to go is vital to keeping it out of your building. Gutters and downspouts should always be kept free of debris, particularly during storm season. Directing the downpour away from the roof and base of your building can help prevent flood damage.

3. Test Basement Pumps

If there's flooding in your basement, you will inevitably need storm cleanup. You can lower your costs by making sure your sump pump is working. These pumps are designed to start getting rid of water as soon as the sensors are triggered. Regular testing, particularly before a major storm hits, is advisable.

4. Have an Emergency Plan

If your building floods, an emergency plan can help everyone understand clearly what they are supposed to do. Make sure it is up to date and that all employees have access to the latest version. Assign tasks that designate what each person needs to do in the event of a flood emergency.

You may not be able to avoid all flood damage in your building during a, particularly aggressive storm. You can minimize its effects, however, by taking the necessary precautions. These tips help ensure that your building is as flood-resistant as possible.

Key Restoration Tips After Home Water Damage

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

water pipe leak under sink in Bartlett, TN Follow these tips!

When the water in home reservoirs leaks, it can cause water damage. Since water can be destructive, avoiding leakages in your home is imperative. When water gets into drywall, it can seep through the interior walls and create some unsightly patches on the floors, ceilings, and gypsum boards. Some walls can collapse, depending on the extent of the damage. Professional contractors can repair the walls and ceilings since they have the expertise to undertake the job. The following tips will help you to enjoy a certain degree of success during home restoration:

Find the Water Leak

If you have a leaky faucet or tap, finding the leak is relatively easy. If the water in the home plumbing systems starts to leak, identifying the faulty valves is easy. However, if pipes are leaking within the walls, a plumber might have to cut some sections to determine the problem. Other signs of leakages come from the roof. If the roof is leaking, a roofing contractor can find the leak by undertaking a thorough inspection. Since the water will flow by gravity, identifying the source of the leak can be quite tricky. Besides, the sloping roofs pose many threats and risks, including slip and fall accidents. The ceiling will show the signs of leakages if they start to develop such patches and cracks. The ceiling will sag and crumble under the weight of the water. Home repair after water damage varies depending on the problem. It is critical to engage a competent home repair contractor in solving the problem completely. If the water in home plumbing installations leaks, the cost of restoration depends on the extent of water damage. Drying after water cleanup can also help prevent flood damage if you encounter a water leak in a home or commercial premises.

Flood Damage Mitigation

One of the specific mitigation procedures is to pinpoint the problem. Undertaking the repairs and restoration can be futile if you do not identify the source of the problem. Pinpointing the leaky toilet, burst pipe, or leaky roof is the first step towards eliminating the problem. Once you stop the leakage, you need to pump the water. When the leakage of water in business appliances occurs, you should act fast. The size of your pump will depend on the amount of water.

In some cases, you might require truck-mounted water extractors to pump the water. Once you remove the water, you need to dry the walls and floors and eliminate the excess moisture. Such moisture can encourage mildew and mold growth in your home, causing costly losses to your home. Home restoration can be cheap if you take critical mitigation initiatives seriously. Once you undertake the water cleanup, drying is imperative if you want to eliminate the moisture.

Identify the Nature of Flood Damage

A home inspector comes in handy when it comes to estimating the cost of drying and water cleanup. The seepage of water in business parking and basements can cause damage. Remember that you might not see the water in hidden areas such as crawlspaces. A thorough inspection will help identify all the wet areas and guarantee success during the restoration and repair. Wet wood can develop molds and mildew in several days. Wood can also rot very fast if the water in business plumbing systems gets to the floor. If you do not immediately address the issue, you might have to spend a home repair fortune.

A reliable mitigation program must seek to prevent water damage in the future. After completing the repair, you can safeguard your home from such damage in the future by inspecting your plumbing system often, repairing your roof, and improving your drainage system. Protect your home from water damage in the future by undertaking a comprehensive inspection. The best way to deal with water damage is to call a professional plumber. A reputable contractor has the equipment you need for drying, water cleanup, and any other problem you might encounter when the water in business establishments leaks. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova for additional information on water damage.

We're Cleaning Cleaning Experts

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova performing commercial cleaning Choose SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova to clean your commercial property!

During this unprecedented time caused by the coronavirus, our customers remind us that we are specialists in cleaning services. SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova adheres to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards.

Specialized Training

According to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we're prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff performs daily.

The CDC encourages cleaning high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC's guidance for commercial spaces include:

  • Kitchen / Food Areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Schools / Classrooms
  • Offices
  • Retail Spaces
  • Water Fountains
  • Shelving / Racks
  • Sales Counters
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Stair Handrails
  • Elevator Cars
  • Playground Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends the usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there's currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we follow all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova at (901) 382-0900.

What Happens When I Have Water Damage?

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

flooded floor in Bartlett, TN - restoration services needed Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today!

Nobody likes the unexpected. It can be scary and overwhelming, in worst cases, time and cost-consuming. SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova will try and ease the unexpected blow. We're a team of highly trained individuals with specialized equipment, tools, and skills needed to make sure that your water damage is taken care of swiftly and adequately.

What Can You Expect When You Call Us?

One of our employees will first take your call; we'll take your name, number, and address down and then ask detailed questions to know exactly what your situation looks like. As we hang up the phone with you, we'll dispatch a team out to your home and business so they can be on-site as quickly as possible. Additionally, you'll be assigned an admin within the office to take care of your job – they will give you updates and work with your insurance provider.

Once we get to your home, we will extract any standing water that needs to be removed using either a handheld extractor or an extractor that we can ride on. We will then place fans and dehumidifiers to help with the drying process.

In the next few days, we will continue to monitor the drying process, and we will drill holes and pull baseboards if necessary. If you find yourself with an unexpected water loss, give SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova a call at (901) 382-0900!

SERVPRO Can Help With Biohazard Concerns

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO biohazard icon - restoration services Need biohazard cleaning? Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today!

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova does more than fire and water restoration. Our professionals can help you with biohazard, vandalism, and crime scene cleanup.

Bloodborne pathogens can be scary. Bodily fluids, tissues, and other potentially risky substances can be removed and disposed of properly by our technicians trained in proper biohazard removal.

Crime scene residue can be overwhelming. Once law enforcement is finished with the area, let our professional technicians deal with fingerprint powder, evidence-gathering chemicals, and tear gas or pepper spray residues.

Arson and vandalism can leave home or business owners feeling vulnerable, violated, and unsafe. Let SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova take care of the aftermath. Our team can remove spray paint, clean up broken glass, and clean up after a fire.

We are “Here to Help” in any situation you might encounter. We pride ourselves on being a bright spot in a bad situation. Should you ever need our services, contact us at (901) 382-0900.

Overcoming Soot Damage

2/5/2021 (Permalink)

Soot damage after a fire in Bartlett, TN Have soot damage? Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today.

Team SERVPRO Has the Experience to Eliminate Many Different Types of Soot Residues Remaining in Your Home

Your Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, home was not intended to stop fires before they spread to other areas of the house. Most of the materials used for constructing your home can catch fire and help it spread throughout the structure. Unfortunately, this can spread the effects throughout your property and cause extensive work for the professional restoration team you choose to clean up this mess. 

Working to clean up the mess after the incident is over is no easy task, either. Most often, the substantial effects that stand out are smoke and soot damages. These are common versions of fire damage in homes, and they can often prove to be challenging to remove without the right equipment. 

Fortunately, our SERVPRO professionals have the tools and expertise to help you through often widespread soot damages throughout your household. While the most concentrated of this effect can be found around the fire's originating point where it burned the longest, this is not always the case. This matted debris and film from the combustion leave a dark, often black residue on surfaces, furniture, flooring, and other materials. 

Removing this residue requires multiple approaches. For wall surfaces, scrubbing with wet and dry sponges can often remove the present film's bulk. Confined spaces like ductwork require high powered vacuums to get used instead. 

Smoke damage often presents itself in harsh odor lingering in fabrics, carpeting, and open spaces throughout affected areas of your house. Removal of this odor typically requires thermal fogging, a process that releases an unscented chemical compound into the environment and contents of the room to break apart odor molecules and leave no discernable scent behind. 

There's little that most homeowners can do alone to bring their homes back from the harmful effects. When you face these kinds of damages, seek out SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova. We can respond quickly and get your home back to normal as soon as possible. Give us a call at (901) 382-0900

Air Quality is Important in every Tennessee Home

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Air Quality Is Important in Every Tennessee Home

If you live in Tennessee you understand that poor air quality is an unfortunate element that is dealt with on an everyday basis. Not only is it humid and sticky, but one minute the sun is shining, then the next minute the rain is pouring down out of nowhere! So it is important if you do live somewhere in the south to improve quality in the home or the business, and keep that so-called "bad" air outside! Some like to compare the quality of Tennessee to Vegas, although Vegas is hot, it tends to much dryer than Tennessee which seems to create fewer problems as far as humidity goes. Understandably, some risks are unavoidable, but some risks are avoidable and a person should take every precaution to keep their home as sealed up as possible.

There are a few simple tricks a person can do to help improve the air quality in a home. If the quality is improved it will keep allergies, a smoke smell, or any bad odor away! One way is to place a doormat right on the outside of the door, and right at the entrance of the home. That way when people come to visit, they can scrape off their feet and leave whatever dirt and particles they have on their shoes behind. Just make sure to wash the doormats regularly otherwise those particles will linger. One tip that can not be stressed enough is to have furnaces, heating, and cooling equipment cleaned periodically, such as air duct cleaning. If they are not cleaned periodically, then when the air conditioner or heater is turned on, all that dirt that is caught in the filter is being blown out along with the air. It is also important for air duct cleaning to be done by a professional to ensure it is done properly.

If a person lives in the Bartlett or the Cordova area they are very familiar with air conditioning, it is a lifesaver. It is important to use a dehumidifier along with an air conditioner to keep indoor humidity in the 30-50% range. Keeping the humidity at this range keeps allergies and dust mites away. On hardwood or tile surfaces try moping after vacuuming. It may seem like extra work, but it will help clean up contaminants left behind. Also, do not forget the walls. Often people forget walls when it comes to their cleaning routine, and it can be important because dirt and particles stick to walls just like any other piece of furniture or flooring. One of the biggest tips that can be given is to not let people smoke in a home.

It can be nearly impossible to get a smoke smell or a bad odor out of a home, and in places like Bartlett or Cordova, people can always just walk outside and step away from the home if they want to smoke a cigarette quickly. If they start smoking outside a person can say goodbye to that bad odor for good!

Air quality is vital to a happy, healthy home so if a person applies just some of the above tips and tricks they can be effective ways to accomplish this objective. And people who live in areas like Bartlett or Cordova understand the quality outside can be unhealthy so it is especially important to be able to get away from that.

3 Common Places Mold pops Up in a Commercial Building

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Mold can build up in the most unexpected places. Mold can build up in the most unexpected places.

From the musty smell to the discoloration it often causes and the water damage that often accompanies its presence, mold growth has no place in your business. Mold can pop up in some of the most unlikely places, but if you have a good understanding of where to begin your search, you stand a much better chance of getting it under control. Here are its three favorite hiding spots.

1. Bathrooms

Wherever there is high humidity, you will likely find mold. This becomes even more likely if the bathroom has hot water, as warm temperatures are another key ingredient for mold growth. Even worse is when mold finds a nice shadowy corner of the dark cavity behind a wet wall to do its dirty work.

2. Water Heaters

Since warmth and water are likely to encourage mold, it comes as no surprise that water heaters are a favorite hangout spot for mold. As water heaters age, they often begin to rust. This can then lead to rupturing and leaks. If these leaks go ignored, not only does the mold problem worsen, but water damage also becomes a concern.

3. Air Conditioners

Yes, believe it or not, your beloved AC units invite mold in. Like water heaters, they often begin to leak, creating just enough moisture for mold to latch on and grow. This can lead to mold in the HVAC system's drain pans, terminal units or ductwork, or even beneath the carpet of a floor often dampened by the dripping of a wall unit overhead. This constant dripping from AC units can also lead to water damage over time.

Mold growth in commercial buildings of Bartlett/Cordova can prove extremely problematic, but knowing the most likely places mold pops up is an excellent proactive start to finding a solution. Still, for those times when you miss the mark, it’s good to know there are restoration companies to get things back to normal.

Common Water Issues For Businesses

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage in a business in Bartlett, Tennessee. Water damage in a business in Bartlett, Tennessee.

For a commercial property owner, unexpected water problems can be a big issue. Fortunately, water damage professionals can help you assess, clean, and repair damages from any flooding or leaks you may have. Here are a few of the most common water problems a business may face from leaking pipes to foundation cracks.

1. Pipe Breaks

A pipe break can occur in several ways. Over time, the pipe can age and loosen in its fittings, or extensive use can lead to pinhole leaks. Extreme heat or cold can also affect a pipe’s integrity. A blocked pipe can lead to pressure buildup and eventually burst.

2. Plumbing Backup

Blocked plumbing can even lead to a toilet backup or sink overflow. When a pipe is blocked, water can take the shortest path out regardless of its intended flow path. Blockages can occur from several things, including the buildup of water minerals over time inside a pipe or someone pouring a solidifying material, such as plaster or grease, down a drain.

3. Weather

Extreme weather conditions can also lead to leaking pipes. Cold temperatures can cause the water in pipes to freeze and expand. The expansion puts pressure on the pipe and can create a crack or even cause it to burst. If you know cold weather is coming, you can check with a local professional what preventive measures to take.

4. Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can become a problem leading to water damage. Water can seep through any cracks and pool, leading to further issues such as mold. Any cracks should be investigated and assessed as soon as possible to determine the best course of action.

Water damage can happen to a commercial property. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova can fix the damage caused by leaking pipes, foundation cracks, backed up toilet, or weather, and help you repair your property.

Sprinkler Water Damage

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Busted sprinkler in Tennessee home. Busted sprinkler in Tennessee home.

A fire in a commercial business can be devastating. Still, when you add additional damages from the sprinkler systems kicking on, the commercial damages are enormous. Companies cannot afford to close for a day; it affects the lives of many different individuals. SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova offers 24/7 commercial damage services to get commercial businesses back on their feet in as little time as possible.

Using SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova commercial services is like a one-stop-shop. Continuing with the example, if a fire burns through a commercial business and the sprinkler system turns on, there will be both fire and water damage. SERVPRO’s commercial services are an umbrella term that extends our normal services into a commercial setting. SERVPRO can treat fire and water damages simultaneously. Our commercial services reduce the cost that businesses pay because they don't need to look for multiple companies. The other additional benefit to SERVPRO is that they are necessarily a liaison between insurance companies and clients.

Unfortunately, disasters are not preventable, but companies like SERVPRO are there to make it “Like it never even happened,” with their residential and commercial services. For questions regarding SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova commercial services, contact us at (901) 382-0900.

How to Restore Your Home After a Pipe Bursts

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

Pipe burst in a Memphis residential property Follow these steps to minimize the water damage before calling a restoration company!

One thing runs through your mind when you have a pipe break in your home—panic. This water could destroy in a short amount of time. How do you stop the water? How are you going to remove all the water? What about damage to your home and the possessions that occupy it? The first step is to turn off the water supply. Next, it’s essential to act immediately to incur as minor damage as possible. Follow these four steps.

1. Circulate the Air and Air Out the House

Opening windows and doors to the outside will circulate the air and air out the house. Ideally, the air outside will be warmer than the humid air inside the house. Turn on all fans so that the humid air can be blown outside.

2. Remove Standing Water

A pipe break means that you’ll have standing water in your home. A wet/dry vacuum is a safe and very effective method of removing standing water quickly. If you don’t have one, use a mop and some towels to soak up the water.

3. Dehumidify

Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture from the air, so your HVAC system can assist in the drying process. Dehumidifiers work best in an enclosed area, so at this point, you’ll want to close all windows and doors that lead to the outside—also, close doors to the rooms that have a running dehumidifier. Regularly check and empty the water tanks.

4. Remove/Discard Affected Items

Mold can start growing within 24-hours of water exposure, so it’s important to start removing water-damaged items immediately. Water-logged carpet can be a huge problem, as water can quickly soak through to the padding and even to the subfloor. This can cause mold growth and structural damage if not correctly handled.

After a pipe breaks in your home in Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, you may feel inept performing the complete restoration process. Then, it’s time to hire water damage, cleanup professionals, SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

3 Tips for removing mold damage from household items

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

f your Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, the home has experienced flooding, you may need mold cleaning for some of your household items. Planning this process may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova has these steps you can take to help make cleaning your items easier.

1. Sort Items by Type

If you find mold damage in your home, your first step should contact a professional for cleanup. Afterward, you can begin the process of going over any items you may wish to save. It's vital to sort through these items as those with extensive damage may need to be removed permanently. Other items should be sorted by types such as cloth, wood, or other materials.

2. Use the Appropriate Cleaning Method

Because the appropriate mold cleaning method for each item will vary depending on the item's type of material, it's best to contact a professional for cleaning. Mold killing upholstery cleaners or detergents may be used on cloth items, while a wipe-on solution may be suitable for disinfecting solid items such as desks or cabinetry.

3. Contact a Professional

If you experience mold damage to your household items, it's best to contact a local mold remediation service as quickly as possible. These professionals will not only be able to tell you if the items in question are salvageable, but they should be able to remove the mold from your home and recommend mitigation steps for the future. If an item can be saved, these professionals will also recommend the best method to do so.

When beginning the mold cleaning process for your home, it's important to remember that different cleaning methods will be required for different item types. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova for additional information.

5 steps of the restoration process

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

When you think of fire restoration, you probably think of the result of fire damage cleanup, when everything that was destroyed gets rebuilt. However, before the rebuild, fire damage restoration experts in Bartlett, TN; Cordova, TN; and surrounding areas have to do cleanup and damage repair. There're several mitigation steps technicians have to work through to get to the final stage of restoration.

1. Assessment

Before technicians do anything, they have to see how bad the damage is. Therefore, the first thing they will do when they arrive is to assess your home's damage. They know they will likely need to contend with fire, water, soot, and smoke damage.

2. Water Damage Repair

Firefighters have to use a lot of water to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, this means your home may have water damage. Excess water must be extracted, and the affected area needs to be dried.

3. Smoke and Soot Damage Repair

Smoke and soot get everywhere during a fire. Before fire restoration can occur, all of it has to be removed out of every crack and crevice.

4. General Cleaning

After tackling the significant issues, there's probably still some minor damage cleaning that needs to occur before rebuilding. Any materials that are damaged or have sustained secondary damage must be repaired or removed. All surfaces must be disinfected to rid of bacteria or other microbes.

5. Restoration

Finally, after everything is cleaned, restoration specialists can begin to rebuild your home. They'll replace the parts of the structure that were not salvageable and make sure the rebuild matches the remaining structure so that the outcome looks "Like it never even happened."

Technicians have to do a lot of work to restore your home after a fire. Fire restoration is merely the final step of the process of making your home livable again. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

4 Steps For Drying Out Your Crawl Space

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

A massive storm can damage your home in Bartlett, TN; Cordova, TN; or the surrounding area. Flooding doesn't always happen in the most obvious places. If you find standing water in your crawl space after a rainstorm, you may need water restoration specialists. These certified technicians have proper equipment and experience to remove the water and ensure no residual damage lingers. Here are the steps SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova takes:

1. Extraction

You may have a well-maintained sump pump in your crawl space, but an industrial pump on a truck can get the water out faster. Once technicians arrive and assess the situation, they will probably want to remove the excess water immediately. The sooner it's extracted, the less damage it can do to your house.

2. Debris Removal

When your crawl space flooded, likely, debris washed in with the stormwater. Other items already in the space may have been submerged. Experts can use a trash pump to remove everything from the area.

3. Cleanup

The cleanup process's extent depends mostly on how much water flooded the crawl space and how long it was sitting there. Technicians may have to use special equipment to remove water-damaged materials. The contaminated area must be thoroughly disinfected to rid of any bacteria that came in with the stormwater.

4. Drying

After the space is clean, technicians must make sure no excess moisture remains. The drying process can help keep secondary damage, such as mold growth from occurring. Only after the space is completely dry can any necessary rebuilding take place.

It may seem simple to remove water from your crawl space with only your sump pump. If you want to ensure that you avoid further damage, though, it's best to entrust SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova to handle it!

How to Handle Damaged Belongings After a Flood

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

Documents damaged by water. Documents damaged by water.

A building damaged during a storm in Memphis, TN, items inside might have been affected as well. If this is the case, it can be challenging to determine how you should proceed. If you are unsure how to treat your belongings, the following content cleaning information may help you.

1. Curtains and Other Fabrics

Curtains and other fabrics are porous; they can absorb a lot of water. This can be especially troublesome when black water is involved. It carries a high level of contaminants such as waste, mud, and bacteria that can be difficult to remove. While you may salvage some porous items with a thorough cleaning, some you may need to throw out.

2. Hard Surfaces and Non-Porous Items

Content cleaning for objects with hard, non-porous surfaces is generally much easier. Because the contaminated water is not absorbed, you don't need to worry about bacteria lingering beneath the surface. With these items, scrubbing them with an anti-bacterial cleaner will likely be enough to sanitize them.

3. Artwork and Paper Items

It can be upsetting when artworks and paper items can be essential, and sometimes irreplaceable is damaged in flood. However, there is good news; you may be able to repair the items. A professional service will likely have access to high-quality equipment that will dry these items and remove the bacteria and other contaminants.

4. Electronics and Equipment

Like porous materials, electronics can be difficult to save if they have been damaged by contaminated water. For the best results, you should have them taken to a professional right away for inspection. Don't attempt to use these items before you know it is safe, as you may cause additional damage.

If you have damaged items by contaminated water, the best thing to do is have professionals clean your belongings. A cleanup and restoration service can salvage many of your belongings and perform any necessary repairs on your building. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

5 Things to Know About Water Damage

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Property in Cordova, TN Water damage in a Cordova, TN, home.

Your Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, home may be at risk for a pipe burst, leading to water damage. Fortunately, there're several things you can know ahead of time that may help you take the proper mitigation steps. Here are five things to know about water damage:

1. It Has Various Sources

It's important to note that water damage can come from various sources. These may include storm drains, a broken water line, sewage overflow, and rainwater pooling against your home's foundation.

2. Long Term Damage Can Occur

If any flooding in your home is left unattended, it can lead to long-term damage. This may include structural damage as well as potential mold issues.

3. It's Important to Act Quickly

To avoid long-term damages, act as quickly as possible if you have a pipe burst or other sources of water damage. Doing so can help you prevent possible long-term problems. If you find water damage in your home, you contact a restoration service as quickly as possible.

4. Cleanup May Require Several Steps

The cleaning process can require several steps, depending on the flooding type. Water must first be removed, the area thoroughly dried, sanitation steps may be required, and repairs can be made.

5. Restoration is Possible

If you find water damage in your home, contact a local water damage restoration service. These professionals can help you restore your home to look like none of the damage ever occurred.

These are the few things to know about water damage that could help you take the proper mitigation steps against a potential pipe burst. Water damage can occur in several ways; if left unattended long-term damage may be a problem; act quickly whenever you find any damage. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

Charcoal Grill Fire Safety

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BBQ grill Nice weather calls for grilling out with family and friends.

Follow These Tips To Avoid a Barbecue Fire

The arrival of nice weather in Cordova, TN, calls for grilling out with friends and family. Unfortunately, a grill fire is a real safety hazard in the right combination of circumstances. A fun get-together can turn into a disaster in a hurry. You can avoid a barbecue fire by following these tips:

1. Keep the Grill in a Safe Location 

Keep the grill outside on a level surface at least 10 feet from buildings and other flammable objects. Never grill under an overhang or in an enclosed area. Be sure to monitor it closely until it cools.

2. Keep Children and Pets at a Distance

Children and pets should stay at least three feet away from the grill. Ensure that pets on tie-downs cannot reach the grill; they can wrap their line around the grill and pull it over. It will keep them at a safe distance if a grill fire occurs. 

3. Be Mindful of Loose Clothing

Make sure that you wear appropriate attire when you grill. You can tie back everything with an apron. For added safety, use long tongs and spatulas and wear heat resistant grill gloves.

4. Use a Chimney Starter

A chimney starter is a much safer option than lighter fluid. It will also light the coals more evenly. 

5. Practice the Two-Zone Method

This simple, versatile method creates a much safer grilling experience. Put the hot charcoal on one side of the grill and leave the other side empty. If a flare-up occurs, move the food to the other side until the flame subsides, then move it back to continue cooking. The two-zone method can improve your food quality because it creates a searing side and another side for flame-free slow cooking.

Keep a fire extinguisher near. Do NOT use water; it can make a grease fire flare-up. Instead, close the grill lid until the outbreak subsides. If your house sustains fire damage or smoke damage from a grill fire, SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova can return it to its original state.

3 Facts About Category 1 Water Damage at Your Business

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Water Damage Commercial property in Cordova, TN, that had water damage.

Experiencing water damage at your or Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, business can be stressful, especially when it affects equipment and inventory. Many water emergencies are the result of a plumbing mishap and are graded into different categories. A Category 1 water emergency originates from a clean water source; however, there are a few facts you may want to be aware of to ensure proper cleanup.

Water Appliances Are A Common Leak Source

When a Category 1 flood occurs, the origin point is usually an appliance that dispenses water, such as a breakroom sink, an automatic ice maker, or a water cooler. Supply line leaks and breakage are often responsible. You can stem the water flow by shutting off the main water supply valve and sealing off the area until help arrives.

Sanitary Water Can Degrade Quickly 

Although Category 1 flood events have a clean water source, such as a broken pipe in your restaurant's kitchen, the resulting standing water can break down rapidly due to bacteria formation. Humidity and the introduction of dirt and debris from people's shoes as they attempt to clean up the mess. It is a good idea to call in flood damage and remediation service as quickly as possible to prevent water stagnation.

Mold Growth May Still Occur 

Unlike Category 3 water, which contains toxins and unsanitary debris, Category 1 can be simpler to deal with cleanup efforts. However, it is essential to remember that mold growth may occur days to weeks later if it is not adequately cleaned and dried. Mold grows in humid, moist areas and can flourish undetected behind drywall and underneath carpet padding. Ask your remediation technicians how to prevent this issue and whether your building is vulnerable after a Category 1 flood.

Clean water flooding at your Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, business may not seem too serious at first. However, there're a few dangers connected with such an event, and knowing what to expect can help you protect the future of your commercial building.

Why You Should Hire a Mold Remediation Specialist

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SERVPRO employees Hire the right company to successfully take care of the mold problem in your home, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

Sometimes the removal of mold from your home is not a DIY situation. No amount of scrubbing and bleaching and elbow grease is going to get rid of it. When it's time to call in a professional in Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, how do you know which company to choose? A business with certified mold removal and remediation specialists should be your top choice.

The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Mold Remediation Company

mold removal and remediation company should have certified mold specialists on staff. These are technicians who understand the way mold operates. Those who work in the restoration industry should be qualified.

Training – Specialists holding a mold certification take courses to become experts in this field. They continue their education to stay up to date on the newest techniques for removal and remediation.

Standards – The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the industry's certification agency. A certified technician is held to the IICRC's high standards. 

Expertise – A person can sit for the exam after working in mold remediation for a year to receive certification. A certified and experienced technician can answer your questions about mold removal and remediation in a way you can understand. 

Insurance – Most likely, your insurance company will want to work with a company with certified specialists. Your insurer may give you a list of specialists. Make sure they are reliable companies.

The Mold Removal Specialist

Check that the technician is certified and that you are comfortable with the level of expertise demonstrated. Keep asking until you are comfortable that the person coming into your house can take care of the problem. The professional who works for you should have a certificate showing proof of training. Verify the training, standards, and expertise of the company you hire.

You can receive peace of mind when you work with certified mold removal and remediation specialist. Hire the right person to successfully take care of the problem of mold in your home. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire

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Fire damage can be an awful ordeal to endure. In the case of fire in a home, soot damage and smoke damage can make many personal belongings unusable. Fire in a business can result in significant commercial fire damage. Dealing with fire damage is not something anyone wants to handle, but it's a reality. If you are looking to begin fire damage restoration, here are some key steps you need to know.

The first part of fire cleanup is thoroughly assessing how damage to a structure can create further damage down the line. Aside from initial fire damage, holes in the exterior walls of a structure, known as breaches, can pose a significant challenge to fire cleanup efforts. These breaches can cause additional damages from environmental exposure. An essential component of fire damage restoration is evaluating a property for any breaches and sealing them off before causing additional damage. This is especially important when cleaning up after a business because damage from breach exposure may not be considered part of the overall commercial fire damage.

Once you have secured the exterior-facing parts of the structure, the process of water cleanup begins. The cleanup involves removing the water that remains from the emergency response. Water cleanup can be a dangerous part of fire cleanup because standing water can be a vector for disease. Additionally, small hazards can be hidden by large pools of water. That's why water boots are essential tools in all fire damage restoration.

The next step in fire cleanup is assessing soot damage. Soot damage occurs when the property burns to ash and then coats other stuff. The soot damage can be amplified when plastics are burnt, and the soot has an oily residue. It's crucial to take stock of all items that have suffered soot damage for commercial fire damage and residential fire damage. In a house fire, inexpensive and common items covered in soot should be disposed of but cataloged to evaluate the overall damage. More valuable items may be cleaned.

The next step in fire damage restoration is evaluating the walls, ceilings, and floors of a structure. Smoke damage may be especially prevalent here. This step is essential to fires in a home and business because restoring or replacing floors, ceilings, and walls are necessary for any building. Make sure to catalog the damage to any part of the structure and to examine thoroughly. What may seem minor damage can turn into significant damage further.

The last component of fire damage restoration is evaluating the presence of smoke damage. This can include physical damage to objects, common in fires in business, or merely irremovable smoke smell, which can occur when fires are in the home. Smoke damage can be a significant contributor to overall commercial fire damage. Additionally, smoke smells can make garments unwearable and may force you to discard inexpensive objects. As was the case with soot, you can attempt to clean more expensive objects. However, smoke smell is resilient and can be considered a factor in overall property damage. Do not fear counting property hurt by smoke smell towards your overall damage, from a fire in home or a fire in business.

Addressing the damage from fire is not something anyone wants to deal with. It can be a lengthy, painful process full of emotional turmoil and significant inconvenience. However, if you approach it with a plan and preparation, you will find the process much less daunting. Thorough cataloging of all objects damaged and fine-point inspection of the whole structure can help prevent problems down the line. In the case of fire cleanup, preparation and knowledge are invaluable tools.

For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

How Does FEMA Assist in Disaster Relief?

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FEMA FEMA provides several disaster relief services and financial assistance.

A natural disaster can be so overwhelming that victims are left bewildered as to where to begin. In the wake of a flood, tornado, or hurricane, people who have lost virtually everything need help from wherever they can find it. Fortunately, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides several disaster relief services and financial assistance. Generally, it acts as a liaison between the federal government and the affected area.

Some Assistance Specifics 

The disaster relief agency provides direct services and financial assistance for damages and other disaster-related expenses not covered by the victims’ insurance. Specifics that the federal agency provides include:

  • Coordinates with law enforcement on procedures for evacuation
  • Coordinates food distribution
  • Coordinates medical assistance
  • Provides temporary fixes for houses such as roof tarps
  • Seeks and provides temporary shelter for victims
  • Provides financial assistance (e.g., unemployment, replacement, repair, lodging)
  • Provides crisis counseling

FEMA not only provides help after a disaster but also before a storm hits and when it’s underway. For example, they will help prepare as much as possible for a major flood, assist with evacuations before and during the flooding, and provide financial assistance for damage afterward.

Prepare Ahead of Time

It is helpful to take before and after photos of your property (residence, vehicles, and other personal property) if you begin the repair process before an adjuster comes out to assess the damage. You could be reimbursed for some of these expenses. Know what your property insurance covers and does not cover. After the storm, you will need to apply for disaster assistance and make an insurance claim. Some forms of financial assistance are income-dependent. 

Suppose your residence in Memphis, TN, sustains damage such as flooding from a major storm. In that case, you will require storm damage mitigation professionals too quickly and thoroughly restore your property to its original state. FEMA should provide help with some of the costs incurred.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

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The process of picking up the pieces after a fire can seem daunting. Fire damage can cause significant losses both to private individuals as well as businesses. Besides the fire itself, soot damage and smoke damage frequently make property useless or irreparable. However, with the right approach, fire cleanup can be less challenging. There're several steps to fire damage restoration, but if you follow them and approach them with care and patience, you will find the process much less painful.

The first thing you should do to begin fire damage restoration is to evaluate any holes in the structure's exterior. Following a fire in a home or a fire in business, holes can appear from the damage that leaves property exposed. Once you have access to the fire damage site, begin to look for gaps in walls or ceilings that could allow wind or precipitation to affect the property. This is an excellent way to increase the overall total of commercial fire damage. While not as apparent as plain fire damage, damage from exterior holes can be significant.

The most noticeable thing when you enter the building will be water damage. While water can help minimize fire damage, cleaning up the water can be one of the most painful fire cleanups. Standing water can be contaminated with disease. In pools of water, small objects can float, creating hazards for those without the proper equipment. Water boots are a necessity for fire cleanup for this specific reason. Ensure that as you explore the structure and begin to clean the remaining water, you are very careful and catalog any items damaged by the water.

After you have evaluated your building following the fire at home or business, the next thing to do is assess soot damage. Soot is caused by objects burning in the fire and leaving an ashy, sometimes oily residue. Soot damage can affect everything from food to electronics and can be very difficult to clean. It is crucial during this process to photograph everything, but inexpensive items that are easily replaced should just be discarded. Expensive things like televisions or furniture can be cleaned, but it is rarely worth cleaning a DVD or books. In the case of a business fire, keeping track of soot damage is essential to understanding total commercial fire damage.

The next step in fire damage restoration is to look at the walls, ceilings, and floors of the structure. In a fire in a home, walls between rooms can have damage that needs to be carefully inspected and documented. In a business fire, the external walls will already have been surveyed, but you should also look for damage to the whole floor, ceiling, and interior walls. Smoke damage can affect walls significantly, and as such, they may need to be replaced.

The last thing you should do in fire cleanup is to evaluate the extent of smoke damage. Smoke odors can consume many objects, and because of this, things like garments or linens can become unusable. Keep track of the number of smoke damaged items just like you did with soot, again discarding inexpensive or easily replaceable items once you have them cataloged. With business fires, pay mind to how smoke odors might affect customer experience and make necessary replacements, calculating the cost into commercial fire damage. Smoke odor can also be a problem with house fires, where the smoke odors being more prominent in some rooms over others.

Commercial fire damage can significantly affect a business, and fire damage restoration can be intimidating to a homeowner. Still, with the right strategy, you can address the problems without as much hassle. For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today.

Professional Mold Remediation

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Mold and mildew have been a significant challenge for homeowners, especially those living on gulf coast cities. Residential mold, just as commercial mold damage, is bad for homeowners. They're a dangerous fungus that has the potential to destroy property. Some homeowners have fled or sold their homes due to these mold in the house, which can be quite troublesome. Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas with water leakage, especially near damaged pipes or water heater. This fungus can also grow in your home after water damage by floods.

Residential mold tends to grow in the basement, underneath carpets, inside walls, near HVAC systems, flooring, and bathroom walls. Additionally, they can infest your car seats, couches, and other wooden structures in your home. Fortunately, today mold in the house is not as hectic as before, thanks to many professional mold removal companies that have sprouted in almost every state. These companies offer effective mold removal and mitigation services and are a savior to many homeowners who have fallen victims to this fungus. Business owners who suffer massive commercial mold damage could also benefit from their use.

For additional information regarding mold damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today.

A Guide to Fire Damage Restoration

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Homeowners and business owners are often caught off guard when fire damage occurs. Fire on business premises is not only deadly but can cause devastating property loss. As such, businesses and homeowners need to familiarize themselves with fire damage restoration tips before a catastrophic fire occurs. That helps recover from a fire in business premises before it gets uncontrollable.

The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

Your priority should be to assess the damage caused by a fire in business premises. Many items within a home or business facility are often overlooked when determining the fire damage scope. A fire cleanup crew should carefully evaluate the following items before integrating them back into a restored business or home.

• Upholstery
• Utensils
• Carpets
• Furniture
• Food

Utensils and food are often overlooked when assessing the scope of fire in-home or business facilities. Using contaminated utensils or eating contaminated food can be harmful. As such, these items must be carefully inspected by a professional commercial fire damage cleanup crew before restoring them into your home. If these items can't be restored, look for proper ways to get rid of them.

Flames cause the most visible damage to a home or business premises. However, soot damage and smoke smell often create invisible hazards that could cost lives. Suffocation is the leading cause of death in a fire accident. Therefore, smoke damage and soot must never be overlooked during the assessment of fire in-home facilities.

Unlike the smoke smell, soot is an obvious hazard. Soot is a black coating created when oil-based substances, wood, or coal burn. Soot is disbursed in to the air and settles anywhere. It can easily damage your furniture. If smoke contaminates your property, a commercial fire damage specialist must assess the smoke damage to determine whether recovery is possible.

During a deadly blaze, inherent water damage usually occurs as firefighters attempt to extinguish the fire. Most people use water to put out fires. After the blaze has been contained, you must thoroughly dry the affected area to avoid further commercial fire damage. You can use air movers and humidifiers to dry saturated furniture, padding, and carpets. Ensure the affected area is thoroughly dried as mold growth can start just 48 hours after the occurrence of smoke damage. The combination of mold, water, and soot damage can result in a complete loss. However, fire damage in business facilities can significantly reduce if you work with a reputable fire cleanup crew.

Tips to Mitigate Commercial Fire Damage

Fire in-home facilities can be devastating to a home and its occupants. Once a fire in home facilities has been put out, there're many measures needed to minimize the scope of soot damage and smoke damage. You should never get back to your home until the fire cleanup crew confirms that it is safe to go inside. Embers can rekindle if not properly extinguished. When it is safe to enter your home, grab any essential documents such as mortgage information, birth certificates, and insurance files.

Be sure to take any valuables you can carry and medications you will need. The next step is to call a reputable fire cleanup crew for cleanup and remediation services. Note that there might be lingering soot and smoke smell all over. As such, you can stay in a hotel during the cleanup period. In most cases, you will not be allowed to enter your home during the commercial fire damage restoration process due to fire damage and soot exposure risks. The cleanup crew will be wearing protective gear to protect them while working.


• Never use any electrical appliance.
• Don't turn on any lights.
• Open windows for ventilation to get soot and smoke smell out of your house.
• Don't allow people to go in and out of your home to avoid tracking soot.
• Get pets out of the house to prevent soot damage and smoke smell inhalation.
• Contact an HVAC technician to help you turn off the gas.

For additional information regarding commercial fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

How to Ensure Water Damage Restoration Efforts Are as Effective as Possible

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SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova license plate SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova is here to help!

Dealing with and removing the excess water in home environments is often more complicated than many homeowners might realize. Effective water cleanup, drying, and other restoration efforts are often essential when minimizing the extent and long-term cost of water damage. From taking action, ensuring effective mitigation for high levels of ambient humidity that might otherwise lead to mold or mildew infestation, understanding the steps involved in water damage restoration efforts is a concern that owners can't afford to overlook.

Addressing the Underlying Cause

Failing to identify and deal with the underlying problems that introduced water in business, home, and other interior environments may prove nothing short of a disaster. Even the most comprehensive and thorough water cleanup and mitigation efforts may prove to be little more than a waste of time and money if a plumbing issue or a problem with a home's foundation remains overlooked. Professional water damage efforts typically begin with a comprehensive home inspection to assess the scope of any damages and pinpoint the problem's cause.

Removing Standing Water

Removal of any standing water is often the priority, one that must be completed before drying and other flood damage and cleanup efforts can begin. When dealing with standing water in home environments, special tools and equipment can play a vital role. Access to proper resources is essential when dealing with water in business or commercial buildings or beginning cleanup efforts within a home or residence. Special pumps, vacuums, and other industrial-grade equipment options often provide the only viable way to remove standing water from an indoor area.

Replacing or Repairing Damaged Surfaces and Materials

While repairs may be sufficient when dealing with furnishings and materials that have been subject to moderate water damage, full or partial restoration may not always be an option in every situation. Having to replace drywall, flooring materials, and even furniture that has suffered extensive damage is often an integral part of the water cleanup process. Failing to remove or replace materials that have been saturated with moisture can drastically increase the risk of mold or mildew infestations, even when drying and other mitigation efforts are utilized to address water or flood damage.

Dealing With High Levels of Humidity

High ambient humidity levels can cause serious problems, even after a successful cleanup or water damage restoration effort. Water or flood damage done to interior environments, especially those that may receive little to no natural sunlight, may create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and other pests. When dealing with water in a home or business environment, effective drying and dehumidification are often just as essential as other water cleanups, restoration, and mitigation efforts. Professional solutions for reducing humidity levels are often of tremendous importance when addressing or preventing the damages that may be caused by water in business or home environments.

Prompt Action Makes a Difference

Failing to take early action at the first sign of water in home areas can often be the single most costly misstep that property owners are likely to make. Failing to begin water cleanup efforts in a timely fashion may find homeowners faced with a much more severe and extensive problem. Taking prompt and effective action to address water in business, home, and other interior environments can ensure that cleanup costs can be kept as low as possible.

For additional information regarding water damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

Effective Methods of Mold Remediation in Home and Business

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Mold damage has been a hot topic in many states for some time now. The concerns made by home and business owners are sincere, and mold removal is encouraged as a mitigation process reduces mold in a home and business infested with black mold. It's easy to identify the fungus because they produce a characteristic dry rot and smelly odor. For any mold growth, as a remediation process, mold damage is achieved through deodorization and commercial mold damage done by a restoration company.

What is Mold?

Mold damage mainly is due to a fungus that contains the ability to reproduce both interior and external environment, including mold behind walls and other surfaces. The breeding places of mold include areas that are damp, hence encouraging mold growth. Mildews, too, are fungi, and like mold behind walls, they both grow on surfaces, including on foodstuffs, shower beds, and sheets of papers. They're both classified as mold in homes. The restoration companies provide mitigation processes through the process of commercial mold damage and deodorization. The objective here is to reduce the effects of smelly odor and dry rot caused by the black mold.

What Are the Factors That Encourage the Growth of Mold and Mildew?

Among the factors that encourage mold growth, both mildew and black mold includes high concentration and damp areas within homes and businesses. Hence the remediation aims at reducing these areas.

What is the Remediation Process of Handling Mold Growth?

Restoration companies suggest many approaches to fighting black mold growth behind walls and mildew. The companies also do develop techniques for handling dry rot and smelly odor. The process proposed is safe and affordable for the whole ordeal of fighting mold growth behind walls in homes and businesses.

The restoration company explicitly does mold eradication, and they do it based on the cleanup protocol they adhere to strictly. The process of mitigation through cleanup is done carefully to avoid black mold and mildew's recurrence. Enrolling in this process of reducing mold in the home is sometimes expensive, but it offers a positive long-term solution in effectively handling mold removal.

Before deodorization, homeowners are encouraged to ensure proper ventilation since it is a crucial step in mitigation against mold's spread. Circulation of fresh air within the house provides sufficient oxygen levels, important in eliminating smelly odor and setting an unfavorable condition for mold to cause dry rot. Hence it stops any resurgence of the mold; ventilation is a factor to consider in avoiding the spores' spread to other rooms.

The best remediation process for mold removal without necessarily looking for a certified restoration company includes removing the fungus by home protection through routine maintenance. All homeowners who suspect any mold growth behind the wall, rooftop, or shower should seek inspections on the water and sewage system's damage since the two tend to reproduce wet areas. As a technique encouraged by any restoration company in dealing with mold, the house should be kept humidity free. For instance, to foster mold removal, maintaining the humidity at 50% is encouraged. So access to a conditioner or dehumidifier is a mitigation approach in ensuring low humidity is maintained. Also, to reduce mold damage and reduce its spread, mainly the mold growth behind the walls, a disinfectant can be used in the deodorization process. The application of the disinfectant depends primarily on whether the walls are porous or non-porous. For the non-porous wetting, a piece of cleaning up is encouraged. It's a bit tough for the porous to clean them with a wet cloth; hence, to avoid further spread of the fungus, it is required to cut the piece that is infected.

Everything You Need to Know About Flood Damage

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Flooded home in Bartlett, Tennessee Call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today!

If there's any good news about flood damage, most people know it could and probably will occur in advance. While flash floods and other water damage from leaks and burst pipes are often unpredictable, flood damage from storms is almost easy to predict. Storm surge, torrential rain, and rising water levels cause massive water damage for those who live along the coast or in other low-lying areas. Flood damage is terrible in every instance, but the good news is many homeowners and business owners have enough time to adequately prepare their home and/or business for the impending water damage as best they can.

When a storm ends, and it's safe to return home or to work, many people are shocked to see how much water in the home or water in the business they find. It seems impossible water levels can rise so high, but it's entirely possible. When floodwater causes the water in a home or water in an office to damage things, it's devastating. Before anyone decides to handle this situation, they must learn how to properly handle this kind of water damage.

Do Not Go Back Without Permission

Anyone who evacuated would like to know how much water is in the property or the kind of water they're dealing with; never return to the property without being notified first that it's safe to return. Flood damage is hazardous, and it's easy to forget it's so much more than just water on the road or in a home. Water in a home is dangerous, water in a business is dangerous, and water is dangerous. Wait for the green light when proper authorities give it. No one ever knows if a power line is down, active, and just waiting in the water to electrocute the next person who walks through.

Beware of the Many Dangers

Before anyone enters a home or office with water damage to begin the water cleanup process, they must know how much danger potentially awaits. The water cleanup process should begin as quickly as possible to prevent more damage from occurring, but it cannot be done until people check for proper dangers. The first is live electricity. Don't assume just because the power is out in a specific neighborhood or city. There's nothing to worry about. The power could come back on at any given moment, which means it could cause serious bodily harm to anyone working out of their home or office. Turn off all electricity before entering any building with standing water.

The second danger is what might be waiting for people in the water. There could be alligators, snakes, dangerous water creatures, or even bacteria or other dangerous stuff. Always let the local authorities do a neighborhood sweep before beginning the water cleanup and drying process.

Call the Pros

Finally, anyone can do the essential thing when water damage occurs and call a professional restoration and mitigation company to handle the drying process. Restoration companies have seriously powerful equipment designed to allow adequate drying to occur in minimal time. Professional mitigation and restoration are imperative because any missed moisture leads to much larger problems.

It's not uncommon for people to want to begin the water cleanup and drying process independently. Still, it's the help of a professional restoration and mitigation company that provides the best possible results. Restoration is designed to clear out all the water in places others might not realize it's hiding. The more prolonged moisture sits in a home or business, the more dangerous it becomes. It can cause mold to form; it can cause further damage to furniture, flooring, and even walls. Call for professional restoration and mitigation rather than handling the drying process without a pro's help to remove water in a business or home. For additional information, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

What to Do Within 48 Hours of a Fire

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A fire can change your life forever. Recovering from such an unexpected disaster doesn't have to be complicated. A qualified fire damage restoration team can safely get you back on your feet in a relatively short amount of time.

Starting the restoration process after a fire is essential. The quicker you get the damage assessed and work started, the less possible future damage.

Immediately after a fire has occurred and is safely extinguished, open all doors and windows to filter smoke out of the rooms and allow fresh air to flow, minimizing as much damage as possible. Ash and soot can contain harmful chemicals, so don't attempt to clean it up. After alerting your insurance company, call a fire restoration specialist to guide you through this challenging ordeal. They will assess a few things to salvage your possessions and help clean saved items from soot and smoke damage, such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and other soft fabric items.

The insurance provider is an essential first step. Most states and insurance providers require that you contact your insurance company within days of the event so that they can begin whatever documentation needs to be started to get your home in good repair. If you receive an advance, this can help you eliminate the smoke smell, soot damage, initial fire cleanup, and board-up any windows to make your home as secure as possible.

After fire damage, it's not just the structure that has been affected. Smoke damage, soot damage, lingering smoke smell, and other secondary issues come with a fire. A restoration company can come in and board-up the home to keep it secure while the fire damage restoration is being completed. It can take days or weeks to restore a home or business to its pre-fire pristine state, depending on the amount of fire cleanup needed.

The longer that acrid smoke smell is allowed to linger in your property, the harder it can be removed. Soot damage often makes a bigger mess than first expected, but a trained commercial fire damage specialist can keep that minimum. A qualified fire damage restoration expert can also keep costs down by removing soot damage and smoke damage before it can become an expensive problem for your commercial business.

A fire restoration company can help you determine if it is more economical to restore or completely rebuild your property. It's not unusual to restore areas after a fire in your home and get back to living stress-free as soon as possible.

A responsible fire damage assessor will:

  • Completely clean all structures inside and out and the contents.
  • Clean the HVAC ducts.
  • Assist in recovering data from damaged electronics.
  • Provide temporary fencing and boards for windows and doors.
  • Inventory the items they find as they move through the property.

Commercial fire restoration requires the same steps. Contact your insurance company and hire a commercial fire damage specialist to assess any fire damage and securely board-up your property as soon as possible.

Once you can safely return to your home or business, make sure you correctly install new smoke alarms and fire detectors in your home's key areas. A fire restoration company can help you place fire extinguishers strategically at entrances and places where a fire is prevalent, such as kitchens and living rooms, to keep your space safe.

A fire damage restoration company can help you recover from a devastating event from start to finish, leaving you in a better place to move on from a difficult situation. For additional information regarding fire damage, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

CE Class Success

8/31/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees at CE Class Success SERVPRO employees at CE Class Success.

We want to take this time to thank everyone who made our CE Class such a success. It's always exciting to see so many people in our industry taking the time to get together and understand the issues our clients suffer during a disaster; and how important it is that we all work together to get them through it. Nick, Jeff, and Chris are always available to assist you and your clients through any water, fire, or trauma emergency.

We will personally make sure our clients have the best possible experience they can have under the circumstances. We will represent any brand professionally and make sure the communication lines stay open to serve our customers best, and any issues are resolved before they become problems.

Please don't hesitate to call or email SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova at anytime. We are available 24/7 at (931) 382-0900.

Millington, TN, Chamber of Commerce Gala

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

State Farm agent Jack Leonard State Farm agent Jack Leonard received the Hall of Honor award for his many accomplishments.

The Millington Chamber of Commerce held its annual gala dinner on December 2 at the Hampton Inn and Suites. Among those honored was State Farm agent Jack Leonard who received the Hall of Honor award for his many accomplishments. Senator Mark Green, MD, the physician that treated Saddam Hussein when captured, spent six hours in conversation, obtaining information for his informative book A Night with Saddam.

René Swain, our Account Manager, has 13 years of experience in the Fire & Water Restoration industry. René attended the event; she was impressed by everyone's closeness in the Chamber of Commerce. They were honored to be part of the organization. Rene' was recognized as a new member of the Board of Directors to start in January. She said, "I am looking forward to being part of a wonderful, growing community and learning from so many awesome people."

We at SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova are pleased to work with this fine organization.

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova Toy Drive for Forrest Spence Fund

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees loading boxes of toys Chris Fava and Nick Schifani are load boxes of toys to deliver to the local church that serves as a wrapping location for the toy drive.

We're excited about spreading a little joy by collecting toys for the Forrest Spence Fund. This organization provides items for families with children of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. During the holidays, they will distribute toys to children who are hospitalized and their siblings that often spend many hours at the hospital themselves. 

It's no surprise that the employees of SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova stepped up and collected toys for this special group of kids. The organization's founders were overwhelmed with the number of toys collected since we are not a huge company. Our team is blessed with giving hearts, especially where children are involved. Hopefully, these gifts will provide a little happiness to these families during the holidays while going through a difficult time.

Forrest Spence Fund Donations

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employees SERVPRO employees with the donated bags for The Forrest Spence Fund.

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova coordinates donations to Forrest Spence Fund

Rene Swain, account manager at SERVPRO Bartlett / Cordova, asked insurance agencies if they would consider being involved in a way to "pay it forward." The Forrest Spence Fund is an organization that donates bags of requested items to families with children who're patients at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Bag contents help families get through a day, night, and sometimes a month with items to keep them occupied while waiting for their children to heal. SERVPRO Bartlett / Cordova encourages others to visit the Forrest Spence website to help this benevolent organization in the future.

State Farm agencies (Hodges, Shelton, Carpenter, Rosser-White, Nowlin, Blakely, and Ryan Jeans) and Nationwide agencies (Crum, Crutcher, Barker, Milan, and Fields) all participated. When the bags were filled, Rene and Nick Schifani transported them to Donna Nash, Forrest Spence Fund coordinator, was happy and appreciative of SERVPRO agents who were instrumental in helping the families in need.

Thank you to all Nationwide and State Farm agencies that contributed to this worthy cause.

November CE Class

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee Production Manager Chuck Tucker demonstrates effective fire/smoke cleaning methods.

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova Hosts C.E. Class for Local Insurance Professionals

The team at SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova would like to thank all of our insurance agents and adjusters who helped make our November’s continuing education class a success. In partnership with the Memphis Better Business Bureau, we presented classes in “Property Fire Damage Restoration” and “Ethics.” Over 20 of our local agents and adjusters from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi now have a greater understanding of what it takes to help their insured after a fire or water damage to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Each course is designed to teach and explain the special procedures and materials used by restoration specialists after one of these disasters and how to best serve the customer from both a mitigation and insurance standpoint. Our agents and adjusters now have a better understanding of how we can drastically reduce both cost and downtime for their insured by acting quickly and doing things the proper way.

We would also all like to thank Mrs. Mary Busey, our corporate C.E. Instructor, for taking the time to come from Nashville to make sure this event was a success. Mary has 20 years in the insurance business, and we are proud to have her on the SERVPRO team. She can keep her classes relevant to the insurance industry and explain it in a way that keeps her students engaged. Our fire production manager Chuck Tucker and our “go-to” lady Maria Shumpert were also able to take time out of their busy schedules to do some hands-on demonstrations and answer some questions. These guys have years of experience and are IICRC certified in many of the disciplines necessary to be true industry professionals. All and all, I’d say that this November’s class was both fun and informative, and all of the attendees had fun while learning something new and getting those all-important C.E. credits.

Finally, we would like to thank Swanky for setting up that fantastic taco bar for lunch. That was a hit for everyone, and as always, it was hot and delicious. Thank you again to all who helped make this a fun day of learning and keep your eyes open for our future continuing education classes. Not only will you get your credits, but you’ll have fun doing it and gain a better understanding of the restoration industry and how to serve your insured better when it counts the most.

Fun on the Forth of July!

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

It's time for Fourth of July celebrations – fireworks, a backyard barbecue, or maybe a beach trip. Whatever people have planned, the American Red Cross wants them to enjoy a safe and fun holiday.

"We want everyone to have a great holiday and a safe one," said Alison Bono, Central and Northern Michigan Regional Director of Communication. "Whether the weekend will involve fireworks, grilling, or going to the seashore, we have safety tips everyone can follow."

Fireworks Safety

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. You should stay at least 500 feet away from the show. If someone is setting fireworks off at home, follow these safety steps:

  • Never give fireworks to small children, and always follow the instructions on the packaging.

  • Keep a supply of water close by as a precaution.

  • Make sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.

  • Light only one firework at a time and never attempt to relight "a dud."

  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

  • Never throw or point a firework toward people, animals, vehicles, structures, or flammable materials.

  • Leave any area immediately where untrained amateurs are using fireworks.

Grilling Safety

Every year, people are injured while using backyard charcoal or gas grills. Follow these steps to cook up treats for the backyard barbecue safely:

  • Always supervise a barbecue grill when in use.
    Never grill indoors – not in your house, camper, tent, or any enclosed area.

  • Make sure everyone, including the pets, stays away from the grill.

  • Keep the grill out in the open, away from the house, the deck, tree branches, or anything that could catch fire.

  • Use the long-handled tools made for cooking on the grill to keep the chef safe.

  • After the coals are ignited, don' add charcoal starter fluid.

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using grills.

Sun Protection

Limit exposure to direct sunlight between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., you should also wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF 15. Reapply sunscreen often. Remember to drink plenty of water regularly, even if not thirsty. Avoid drinks with alcohol or caffeine in them. Protect the eyes by wearing sunglasses that will absorb 100 percent of UV sunlight. During hot weather, watch for signs of heatstroke—hot, red skin; changes in consciousness; rapid, weak pulse; rapid, shallow breathing. If it's suspected someone is suffering from heatstroke:

  • Call 911 and move the person to a cooler place.

  • Quickly cool the body by applying cool, wet cloths or towels to the skin (or misting it with water) and fanning it.

  • Watch for signs of breathing problems and make sure the airway is clear. Keep the person lying down.

Download the First-Aid App

Another thing people can do is download the free American Red Cross first-aid app, which puts expert advice for everyday emergencies at someone's fingertips. The app is available for direct download from the Apple or Google Play for Android app stores.

About the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross shelters feed and provide emotional support to victims of disasters, supply about 40 percent of the nation's blood, teaches skills that save lives, provide international humanitarian aid, and support military members and their families. The American Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the American public's generosity to perform its mission. For more information, please visit redcross.org or visit us on Twitter at @RedCross.

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova is proud to be a partner of the American Red Cross and the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign to reduce home fire deaths and injuries across the United States. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

Summer Weather Safety

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

Stay Safe in Summertime Weather

The National Weather Service (NWS) tagged June as "Summer Safety Month" because of predictable hazardous conditions that promote dangerous weather, especially in the South (strong winds, tornadoes, hail, and flooding, among other treacherous situations). Their website has lots of valuable information regarding summer weather safety.

Nature can be beautiful, and it can also be malevolent and mean. Many SERVPRO teams hit the road, traveling through risky danger zones to save or repair victims' property. We are compassionate and understanding because their jobs are not only in clean-up and repair, but we also give home, and business owners hope to restore their spirit after experiencing such tremendous loss of property and many times even loss of lives. SERVPRO is thankful because we can make a catastrophe "Like it never even happened." With over 1,600 Franchise locations in the United States, SERVPRO is faster to any-sized disaster.

Summer is a fun time, but it can also be a tragic time. Be careful and watchful out there. For additional information regarding our business, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova at (901) 382-0900. Happy summer!

3 Clues You Have Hidden Water Damage

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO trucks in Cordova, Tennessee SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova has the experience to handle your damaged property.

The worst thing about water is that it goes wherever it can, seeping into cracks and causing all kinds of trouble. Whether you have a pipe burst or some flooding in Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, you need to know what to look out to spot hidden water damage.

1. Waterlogged Appliances

There are a few culprits that cause water damage. Toilets and sinks are used frequently, and even a small leak can lead to significant problems.

Search under sinks for standing water or water spots, signs that moisture has built up before. Also, look behind your toilet and sink, as well as the ceilings below them, for discoloration. If your toilet tank never stays at its waterline, that's an indication of some leakage.

2. Pooling Water = Wet Walls

Often, the simple act of hanging a picture can eventually make a pipe burst or even spring a small leak. Check for soft spots and discoloration in drywall to help locate any possible damage.

Another possible way to spot water in your walls is by investigating the floors below. Puddles or signs of flooding in the basement or the crawlspace of your home can mean you've got a leak. Investigate these quickly since damp drywall can create dangerous mold conditions that can be difficult to clean up.

3. Bubbles Everywhere

A small leak doesn't always get absorbed by wood or drywall. When water encounters a barrier, it will begin to pool. This leads to bubbles in the ceiling or walls and can look like the paint is melting away.

If these bubbles are punctured, you could have a huge mess on your hands. Even worse, it can become a safety issue due to buckling or collapse. Suppose you find signs of water damage in your Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, home, thanks to a pipe burst or another reason. In that case, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova. This will mitigate further damage and make your home as safe as possible!

Happy Fall from SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

Fall decorated house Fall decorated house in Bartlett, TN.

It's Fall Y'all!

It's almost time to wrap rum-soaked cheesecloth around holiday fruit cakes. Take in the fresh aroma. Eat crisp sweet, but tart Granny Smith apples through the orchard. Make DIY projects from glittered holiday leaves, pine cones, pecans, to walnuts. There will be festive porches displaying Jack-O-Lanterns, changes in shades, and foliage (eye-candy of oranges, tans, browns).

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova encourages you to take time for family and friends. Celebrate the life, nature, and humanity in our United States of America. While glorifying life, let's keep it as long as we can. Keep a toasty bonfire smoldering this year within your soul. Give more of yourselves to others from the heart. We have a chance to make a difference. Let's do this. Have a brilliant SERVPRO fall and contain that spirit as it evolves into the reason for the season.

Through the fall season, if you become stressed with water damage, fire damage, or mold damage to your home or business. SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova is available 24 hours a day, including holidays to help guide you through any size disaster that may arise. We are always "Here to Help!" Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.


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