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Never Be up That Creek Without a Paddle: What Causes Sewage Backups in the Basement?

9/16/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Never Be up That Creek Without a Paddle: What Causes Sewage Backups in the Basement? Water Damage after a flood from recent storm

A flooded basement can be a nightmare, but when you add the concern for contamination and possible infection from sewage that nightmare reaches new cataclysmic heights. There are several causes of sewage backups, and, while many of them are preventable with routine maintenance, the top four are as follows:

1. Roots Obstructing the Line

Trees and shrubs are the leading cause of blockages in sewer lines because, as they seek moisture, the roots invade the pipes through compromised areas. It is this buildup of roots as well as the breakdown of older clay pipes that combine to create blockages, which leads to flooding and backups.

2. Improperly Flushed Items

A flooded basement can also be the result of improperly disposed of or flushed items. Grease, like cooking oil, and paper products, like paper towel, diapers, and feminine products, form blockages in waste lines, preventing the free flow of water and causing it to back up into the nearest open drain.

3. Intentional Vandalism

For world travelers, or anyone with a toddler, vandalism, whether intentional or not, can lead to floods and sewer issues. Rebellious teens or vagrants may find a way of crashing a vacant house and purposely cause damage by clogging the drains. Your toddler, on the other hand, may only be curious to see if his/her binky can survive a good flushing

4. Municipal Sanitary Main

While there are many preventative steps you can take against possible floodings, like updating your old clay pipes to prevent root infestation, properly disposing of items, or updating security, some things aren’t under your control. The city sewer main is one of those things. While this is rare, storms, flash floods, or mechanical errors can cause disruptions of the free flow of water, resulting in your floor drains backing up.

A flooded basement is never fun but being aware of the causes can help you plan preventative steps to limit the likelihood that you’ll ever have to experience such a disaster. However, despite the best planning, if you experience flooding in the Bartlett TN, area there are several restoration specialists who can help you figure out your next steps.

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Determining the Extent of Your Mold Damage

9/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Determining the Extent of Your Mold Damage Mold and Mildew Tile damage

If you discover mold on your Bartlett, TN, property, you may want to know just how far the damage has spread so that you can get a better idea of remediation costs. There are a few different ways in which you can perform a mold assessment:

• Air Testing
• Surface Testing
• Bulk Testing

While you could purchase an at-home mold testing kit, only a professional assessment can give you a whole and accurate picture of the extent of any mold or mildew damage. For peace of mind and swift remediation, contact a mold remediation expert near you.

Air Testing

Air testing can tell you whether or not you have a mold problem even if you cannot find the mold growth. Air testing involves capturing air from inside your home and examining it for mold spores. Air testing can reveal the exact concentration of mold spores in your home.

Surface Testing

Surface testing involves swabbing various surfaces in your home with a cotton swab and examining the samples under a microscope. Unlike with air testing, however, surface testing cannot reveal the exact concentration of mold spores.

Bulk Testing

Bulk testing is often the best mold assessment technique, as it provides a complete picture of the extent of your mold problem. This method involves taking various items from around the home and lab testing them for black mold and mildew. Like with air testing, this method can give you an accurate idea of the concentration of mold spores present in your home.

Work With a Professional

If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home, work with a professional who can thoroughly test your home and give you an accurate idea of the extent of the issue. A professional may perform one or all three of the aforementioned mold assessment methods. Contact a Bartlett, TN, mold remediation expert to have your home tested today.

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Essential First Aid to Treat Burns in the Workplace

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Essential First Aid to Treat Burns in the Workplace Workplace Injury after a small fire in Bartlett, TN

If an employee ever receives a burn, acting quickly will help minimize the damage. In a panicked situation, it often proves difficult to scramble to research procedures. Knowing beforehand allows you to act decisively to help your hurt employee and stop any flames from causing fire damage to your property.

Major Burns Need Major Help

Burns that are deep, large or discolored merit calling emergency services immediately. If possible, have another employee call so you can do several helpful things before help arrives:

• Protect the victim from additional exposure to the fire
• If safe to do so, disable power to any electrical fire source to stop additional fire damage
• Wrap the burned areas in sterile cloths or chilled bandages
• Check for breathing and perform CPR on an unbreathing person if trained
• Raise the burnt body parts upwards if possible
• Prevent others from putting water on the burns once the fire is gone to prevent complications

First Aid Is for Treating Minor Burns

Unlike a major burn, first aid is adequate. First, anything around the burn that may get stuck like a ring should be removed from the person’s swelling area. The burn is then cooled to reduce pain. If the pain is still bothersome after a while, the employee should be offered a non-prescription pain relief medication such as ibuprofen (Advil) or acetaminophen (Tylenol).

Blistering may occur, but any blisters should be left alone because they are natural protection from infection. If a blister is broken, the wound should be cleaned with soapy water followed by an antibiotic solution and bandage. This burn first aid prevents any microorganisms from turning the minor burn into a major problem.

Additional Aid for Your Fire-Damage Business

Once the employee is taken care of, your Bartlett, TN, business building is next. The fire that caused the burn likely damaged property. Fire restoration companies specializing in commercial damage are able treat the damage to your business just as you did for your employee. Fire damage can be stopped from being majorly damaging to both your property and important assets like your employees.

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4 Important Pieces of a First Aid Set

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 4 Important Pieces of a First Aid Set It is always good to have a First Aid kit available in your Bartlett TN place of business

As a building owner in Bartlett, TN, it is your responsibility to make sure the occupants of the space are prepared for emergencies. This can include having a commercial restoration team on speed dial to ensure your business can get back up and running after a flood or storm damage. It can also mean preparing an escape route for a fire. You should also create a first aid kit that stays on site.

Your emergency kit can contain a wide variety of products. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, your set should include the following items to meet the minimum criteria.

1. Bandages

Your kit should be ready for basic first aid emergencies. You can stock it with various sized gauze pads, adhesive bandages, roller bandages, triangular bandages and wound cleaning solution to ensure all minor cuts and scrapes can be properly taken care of right away. Including adhesive tape and scissors will help ensure anyone who uses the kit can get the bandages cut down to size and stuck in in place.

2. Resuscitation Equipment

No first aid kit is complete without some sort of resuscitation equipment. This can include a pocket mask or resuscitation bag. This emergency equipment can help your employees clear a person's airway.

3. Safety Gear

You may want to include some personal protective gear, such as gloves, tweezers, splint, elastic wraps and blankets, in your set as well. This type of equipment ensures everyone can safely handle emergency situations.

4. Guide

Finally, you want to make sure to include a list of important phone numbers in your emergency kit. These directions for emergency assistance make sure your well-trained staff never forget who to call for each type of emergency. You could also include a map of evacuation routes as an added precaution.

Creating a well-rounded first aid kit can help improve the safety of your building. Once you have your kit stocked, make sure you check it regularly to replace missing or outdated items.

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Important Maintenance To Prevent Water Damage

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Important Maintenance To Prevent Water Damage A pipe break can cause a huge water loss in your Bartlett home

You never want to find water in home where it doesn't belong. Standing water in your basement, bathroom or living space can be a big headache. You have to call a residential water cleanup crew to get the long process of cleaning your Bartlett, TN, home started.

• Assess the damage.
• Make a cleanup plan.
• Remove standing water.
• Replace damaged building materials.

With so much to do after a water-related disaster, it's easier to do whatever you can to prevent the damage.

Plumbing Components

A broken pipe can easily turn into a major disaster. If you have the plumbing components in your house inspected regularly by an expert, you may be able to avoid cracks and leaks that could lead to flooding. Not only do you want to check out the pipes, but you also need to have the toilets, tubs and other fixtures in your house inspected for faults.

HVAC Systems

The heating, ventilating and air conditioning of your house also has to be inspected. You should try to have the unit looked at in advance of whichever season it needs to be used. This will help you ensure you don't see water dripping, draining or leaking from the unit, which could cause excess water in home.


Even the appliances in your home have to be maintained to avoid unexpected water damage. Washing machines, refrigerators, water heaters and dishwashers could have cracked hoses, aging gaskets or faulty connections. If you have the appliances inspected annually, you'll be able to repair damages before they turn into leaks that cause a buildup of water in home.

Doing maintenance on your pipes, HVAC and appliances call help you avoid the need to do a pipe cleanup after water floods into the livings paces of your home. When you want to avoid working with a professional remediation team, you need to do whatever you can to keep disaster from striking your house.

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6 Leading Causes of Home Fires

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 6 Leading Causes of Home Fires Candles can cause house fire if left burning while gone

The National Fire Protection Association complies data on home fires in the United States. The NFPA then publishes the study on home fire, injury, and loss of life. Although the statistics are alarming, there are several areas that many of the fires have in common. You can help increase the odds your home in Bartlett, TN, will never experience a blazing disaster by noting these six leading causes of home fires and proactively checking to make sure your home is safe.

1. Lit candles are a leading cause of fires. Although most candles come with a warning about not leaving the wax creation alone when burning, most people ignore the notice. Once lit, the flames can catch curtains, carpets, and papers quiet easily and then spread through the whole house.

2. Electrical devises are a major cause of house fires. Faulty electrical connections and over-heated equipment top the list of hidden fire causes.

3. Smoking is still a major source of home fire problems. People still fall asleep with a burning cigarette in their hand. The bed, chair, or carpet can then easily catch fire and cause serious injury. This type of fire is ranked by fire repair and restoration professionals as one of the worst type of fire cleaning scenarios.

4. Small children are a major cause of residential fires. Interestingly, playing with fire by children has been ranked in the top five of dangerous fire scenarios for more than a decade.

5. Holiday decorations cause many fire tragedies during winter months. Dry trees and overheating lights are noted as the major cause of holiday fires.

6. During summer months, lightning can often cause home fires. Homes in wooded areas are especially vulnerable to lighting strikes and major fire damage.

It is estimated that a home fire ignites every 86 seconds in the United States alone. That means the odds of a fire occurring in your neighborhood during your lifetime is rather large. By noting the six-leading causes of residential fires, you can take the extra step and proactively protect yourself and your family.

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Take These Steps to Minimize Flood Damage

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Take These Steps to Minimize Flood Damage Rain water can flood your Tennessee home

Do you worry every time a storm rolls through Bartlett, TN, that water will get into your home? Do you think you’ve prepared your property for incoming flood water? If you’re not sure, it’s time to evaluate your storm preparation plans and ensure you’ve got things ready to keep water out and avoid damage. There are a few things all homeowners should do today to protect their home.

Secure Your Valuable Belongings

While you should be most concerned about your loved ones and about your home itself, water damage can wreak havoc with your most treasured keepsakes and possessions. There are some things you simply can’t replace, so you need to find methods to keep them out of harm’s way.

• Place treasured materials in waterproof containers.
• Keep important documents such as insurance policies, tax information and mortgage papers in a safe deposit box.
• Take inventory of your precious keepsakes by taking photos.

Clean the Gutters

It’s important to get on your roof once a year (or more frequently if necessary) and check your rain gutters. If they are full of debris, you need to clear them immediately so when major storms come through Bartlett, TN, flood water doesn’t gather around your foundation. Make sure the gutters are sending water far from your home.

Seal Vents and Lower-Level Windows

If you have vents that lead from the outside into your basement, you should seal them to prevent water from entering. A flooded building usually has problems start in the basement, so make sure there are no entry points for water in these areas of your home. Also, double check your windows that they are secure and free of cracks or gaps.

Flood water can be devastating to your home and possessions. If you want to reduce your risk, you need to put these protective measures in place today. When you do this, you can have the confidence that you’ll be safe when a large storm drops significant precipitation.

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Protect Your Commercial Property From Mold Damage

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Protect Your Commercial Property From Mold Damage Protect your Commercial property from mold damage

Mold is known as the king of fungus because it can grow almost anywhere on earth. With over 100,000 different types of mold worldwide, it can thrive on organic surfaces of all types. The fungus is a frenzied eating machine created by nature to break down and recycle anything that was once alive. Yet surprisingly, mold sends out beautiful spores in dozens of colors including yellow, green, and black mold varieties. There is only one thing other than food that mold needs to complete a lifecycle, and that is water.

Playing Hide and Seek

If your commercial property in Bartlett, TN, has a moisture problem, you probably have mold. To eliminate the cause of the mold and stop the spread of spores, you need to stop the water source feeding the mold colonies. If your building experienced a flood of some type recently, invisible water damage could still be lurking. Water can easily seep under

• Cabinets
• Flooring
• Wallboards

The hidden water can easily provide spreading fungus with ample liquid for colony development. Additionally, wet insulation can feed mold colonies for months after a pipe leak occurs. In fact, weeks or months after the flooding, red, green or black mold can begin to make an appearance in areas you thought were dry.

Killing Water and Mold

To kill the mold, you need to remove the source of the water. Most water removal and mold remediation groups are trained in how to locate and identify hidden molds. Once the fungus is found, the cause of the water can be identified, and mold cleanup can begin. If floorings, cabinets, or lumber sections have been badly destroyed by the fungus colony, the building supplies may have to be replaced because the actual structure of an object can be ruined by mold.

Protecting Building and Property

Rather than attempting to remove yellow, purple, or black mold on your own, call in a team of specialists and have them identify the source of the water. Not only can you protect your property from further mold damage, but you may also be protecting the structure of your building.

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How To Replace a Broken Toilet

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Replace a Broken Toilet Toilet Repair in Bartlett, Tennessee

When you own a home in Bartlett, TN, there are some things you take for granted. When you flip the switch, the light will come on. When you twist the knob, water will come out of the faucet. When you flush, everything in the toilet will go down the drain. When your toilet starts leaking, you want to get the problem fixed and get back to normal as soon as possible. Here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot and, if necessary, replace a leaking toilet.

1. Finding the Problem

Pinpointing where the leak is coming from is the first step. Is water seeping out of the base? Is it coming from the tank? Does a supply line look compromised? Some types of toilet repair are quicker, less expensive fixes than replacing the toilet altogether, so it's good to eliminate them first.

2. Turning off the Water

If your problem is more serious and you need to replace your leaking toilet, start by shutting off the water supply. This helps prevent a flooding issue for which you would need water mitigation services. Once the water is off, flush the toilet to drain all water inside it.

3. Removing Tubes and Toilet

Disconnect the tubes that connect the old toilet to the water source. Then, gently rock the toilet to loosen the seal at the bottom so that you can remove it without breaking it. Scrape the seal off the bathroom floor.

4. Replacing Seal and Toilet

Once everything is removed, you work in reverse. Line up the new gasket on the floor. Set the new toilet on top of it and make sure it seals. Connect the supply lines between the wall and the toilet.

Once you are certain everything is connected properly, turn the water valve back on so that the toilet can fill up and be ready for use. With a few simple steps, you can replace a leaking toilet so that your home's plumbing operates the way you expect.

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3 Differences Between Flood Mitigation and Restoration

6/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 3 Differences Between Flood Mitigation and Restoration House Flood in Bartlett Tennessee

When flooding occurs at your Bartlett, TN, business, you may not know where to begin when it comes to cleaning up the water or how to protect the building from further damage immediately after a flood ends. Calling a flood cleanup company can be an effective first step in resolving any issues with your building and property, but since flooding techs may perform both mitigation and restoration services, knowing the difference between the two can help you understand what to expect once help arrives.

1. Mitigation Is Performed Immediately

When storm damage techs first arrive at your business, they may discuss mitigation procedures with you. These actions are designed to prevent the spread of flood damage and may include the installation of tarps on a broken roof, sealing of flooded rooms to reduce the spread of contaminated water and draining vulnerable areas to protect sensitive machinery or systems. Mitigation is typically performed upon the arrival of your flood cleanup company.

2. Length of Completion

While a restoration company may also offer mitigation services, the length each job takes can be quite different. Because mitigation is meant to prevent the worst of the damage after a flood, it is usually performed and completed within a day or two of the incident. Restoration, however, can involve the tearing out of drywall, broken or sagging sections of roofing and mold cleanup. This can take anywhere from several weeks to a few months, depending on the damage.

3. Level of Owner Involvement

Because mitigation usually involves emergency action, flood technicians may ask you to stand clear while they perform this service. They may even evacuate the building and get back to you with a report once mitigation is complete. In contrast, restoration may require extensive input on your part, from what you would like salvaged and repaired to being involved and advised about what is to be torn out and cleaned.

Dealing with flooding in Bartlett, TN, can be stressful as a business owner. However, when you know the difference between mitigation and restoration, you can feel more confident about working with a flood cleanup company.

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