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5 Steps to the Fire Restoration Process

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

fire residue on white door in bartlett / cordova near me SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova in Memphis

When you think of fire restoration, you probably think of the cleanup process—when everything with fire damage is rebuilt. However, before the rebuild, fire damage restoration experts in Bartlett, TN; Cordova, TN; and surrounding areas have to clean up and repair damage. There are several mitigation steps that technicians have to work through to get to the final stage of restoration.

  1. Assessment

Before technicians do anything, they have to assess how bad the damage is. Therefore, the first thing they will do when they arrive is to assess your home's damage. They know they will likely need to contend with fire, water, soot, and smoke damage.

  1. Water Damage Repair

Firefighters have to use a lot of water to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, this means your home may have water damage. Excess water must be extracted, and the affected area needs to be dried.

  1. Smoke and Soot Damage Repair

Smoke and soot get everywhere during a fire. Before fire restoration can occur, all of it has to be removed out of every crack and crevice.

  1. General Cleaning

After tackling the significant issues, there's probably still some minor damage cleaning that needs to occur before rebuilding. Any materials that are damaged or have sustained secondary damage must be repaired or removed. All surfaces must be disinfected to rid of bacteria or other microbes.

  1. Restoration

Finally, after everything is cleaned, restoration specialists can begin to rebuild your home. They'll replace the parts of the structure that were not salvageable and make sure the rebuild matches the remaining structure so that the outcome looks "Like it never even happened."

Technicians have to do a lot of work to restore your home after a fire. Fire restoration is merely the final step of the process of making your home livable again. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today at (901) 382-0900.

Married Couple Celebrates 20 Years at SERVPRO

11/16/2021 (Permalink)

Debra and Chuck Tucker, SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova employees dressed in holiday attire posing for photo SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova employees, Debra and Chuck, celebrate 20 years with SERVPRO

Congrats to the Tuckers!

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova employees celebrate their 20th work anniversary

November is a very special month for our SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova family this year because we are celebrating the 20th work anniversaries of our very own dynamic duo, Debra and Chuck Tucker!

Debra was just 19 when she joined the SERVPRO family, not knowing that her second job ever would change her life so dramatically. After 4 years of working together and 2 years of dating, she and Chuck married. She says, “What I found in those early years was stability and a family that I had so desperately longed for. It didn’t matter that the job wasn’t the easiest or cleanest—man, I don’t miss those early years in production!—because I was waking up every day ready to see my workplace family.”

Chuck and Debra have seen the industry and company change many times in the past 20 years. They've seen technological advances, new ownership, staff changes, and still, amidst the changes, Debra sees consistency and compassion. "What I...see is a group of people who clock in every day, ready to give 100% to this family they love, and that is exactly what SERVPRO of Memphis is!"

Both Chuck and Debra agree that working alongside a spouse is not for the faint of heart, but say their relationship has been strengthened by it - the two are inseparable. The Tuckers have 2 incredible boys, Grayson and Landon, who are their world and who keep life entertaining.

As a company, we are so grateful for the Tuckers, their hard work, dedication, and loyalty to SERVPRO and our customers. Debra currently serves as our Lead Job File Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, while Chuck serves as Production Manager. Congrats to them both for this major accomplishment!

How to Dry Out A Flooded Crawl Space?

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Crawl Space near me SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova take care of your flooded crawl space after a Memphis storm.

A massive storm can damage your home in Bartlett, TN; Cordova, TN; or the surrounding area. Still, flooding doesn't always happen in the most obvious places. If you find standing water in your crawl space after a rainstorm, you may need to call water restoration specialists. These certified technicians have proper equipment and experience to remove the water and ensure no residual damage lingers. Here are the steps SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova takes:

  1. Extraction

You may have a well-maintained sump pump in your crawl space, but an industrial pump on a truck will get the water out faster. Once technicians arrive and assess the situation, they will want to remove the excess water as soon as possible. The sooner it's extracted, the less damage it will do to your house.

  1. Debris Removal

When your crawl space flooded, debris likely washed in with the stormwater. Other items already in the space may have been submerged. Experts can use a trash pump to remove everything from the area.

  1. Cleanup

The cleanup process's extent depends mostly on how much water flooded the crawl space and how long it was sitting there. Technicians will have to use special equipment to remove water-damaged materials. The contaminated area must be thoroughly disinfected to get rid of any bacteria that came in with the stormwater.

  1. Drying

After the space is clean, technicians must make sure no excess moisture remains. The drying process can help keep secondary damage, such as mold growth from occurring. Only after the space is completely dry can any necessary rebuilding take place.

It may seem simple to remove water from your crawl space on your own. However, if you want to ensure that your space is thoroughly dried to avoid further damage, it's best to entrust SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova to handle it! Check out our reviews to see why other Memphis residents are glad they entrusted their home and crawl space to SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova.

How to Handle Storm-Damaged Items

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse housing plastic wrapped furniture and other content to be professionally cleaned and stored SERVPRO warehouse content cleaning items

When a building is outwardly damaged by a storm, items inside may be affected as well. If this is the case, it can be challenging to determine how to proceed. If you are unsure which belongings to have professionally cleaned and which ones are more easily treatable, the following content cleaning insight may help.

1. Curtains and Other Fabrics

Curtains and other fabrics are porous; they can absorb a lot of water. This can be especially troublesome when black water is involved. It carries a high level of contaminants such as waste, mud and bacteria that can be difficult to remove. While you may save most porous items with a thorough cleaning by your friends at SERVPRO®, others may be beyond repair.

2. Hard Surfaces and Non-Porous Items

Content cleaning for objects with hard, non-porous surfaces is generally much easier. Because the contaminated water is not absorbed, you don't need to worry about bacteria lingering beneath the surface. With these items, scrubbing them with an anti-bacterial cleaner will likely be enough to sanitize them.

3. Artwork and Paper Items

It can be upsetting when irreplaceable artwork and essential paper items are damaged in flood waters. However, there is good news; you may be able to repair the items. A professional service like SERVPRO® will likely have access to high-quality equipment that will dry these items and remove the bacteria and other contaminants.

4. Electronics and Equipment

Like porous materials, electronics can be difficult to save if they have been damaged by contaminated water. For the best results, you should have them taken to a professional right away for inspection. Don't attempt to use these items before you know it is safe, as you may cause additional damage.

If you have damaged items by contaminated water, the best thing to do is have professionals clean your belongings. A cleanup and restoration service can salvage many of your belongings and perform any necessary repairs on your building. Contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova today.

Charcoal Grill Fire Safety Tips

9/27/2021 (Permalink)

Follow These Tips To Avoid a Barbecue Fire

The arrival of nice weather in Cordova, TN, calls for grilling out with friends and family. Unfortunately, a grill fire is a real safety hazard in the right combination of circumstances. A fun get-together can turn into a disaster in a hurry. You can avoid a barbecue fire by following these tips:

1. Keep the Grill in a Safe Location 

Keep the grill outside on a level surface at least 10 feet from buildings and other flammable objects. Never grill under an overhang or in an enclosed area. Be sure to monitor it closely until it cools.

2. Keep Children and Pets at a Distance

Children and pets should stay at least three feet away from the grill. Ensure that pets on tie-downs cannot reach the grill; they can wrap their line around the grill and pull it over. It will keep them at a safe distance if a grill fire occurs. 

3. Be Mindful of Loose Clothing

Make sure that you wear appropriate attire when you grill. You can tie back everything with an apron. For added safety, use long tongs and spatulas and wear heat resistant grill gloves.

4. Use a Chimney Starter

A chimney starter is a much safer option than lighter fluid. It will also light the coals more evenly. 

5. Practice the Two-Zone Method

This simple, versatile method creates a much safer grilling experience. Put the hot charcoal on one side of the grill and leave the other side empty. If a flare-up occurs, move the food to the other side until the flame subsides, then move it back to continue cooking. The two-zone method can improve your food quality because it creates a searing side and another side for flame-free slow cooking.

Keep a fire extinguisher near. Do NOT use water; it can make a grease fire flare-up. Instead, close the grill lid until the outbreak subsides. If your house sustains fire damage or smoke damage from a grill fire, SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova can return it to its original state.

How Does FEMA Assist in Disaster Relief?

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

FEMA worker in mask with iPad helps black woman FEMA worker assists disaster victim. (Credit:

A natural disaster can be so overwhelming that victims are often left not knowing where to begin cleanup efforts.

In the wake of a flood, tornado, or hurricane, people who have lost virtually everything need help meeting their basic daily needs. Fortunately, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides several disaster relief services and financial assistance. Generally, it acts as a liaison between the federal government and the affected area.

Some Assistance Specifics 

The disaster relief agency provides direct services and financial assistance for damages and other disaster-related expenses not covered by the victims’ insurance. Specifics that the federal agency provides include:

  • Coordinates with law enforcement on procedures for evacuation
  • Coordinates food distribution
  • Coordinates medical assistance
  • Provides temporary fixes for houses such as roof tarps
  • Seeks and provides temporary shelter for victims
  • Provides financial assistance (e.g., unemployment, replacement, repair, lodging)
  • Provides crisis counseling

FEMA not only provides help after a disaster but also before a storm hits and when it’s underway. For example, they will help prepare as much as possible for a major flood, assist with evacuations before and during the flooding, and provide financial assistance for damage afterward.

Prepare Ahead of Time

It is helpful to take before and after photos of your property (residence, vehicles, and other personal property) if you begin the repair process before an adjuster comes out to assess the damage. You could be reimbursed for some of these expenses. Know what your property insurance covers and does not cover. After the storm, you will need to apply for disaster assistance and make an insurance claim. Some forms of financial assistance are income-dependent. 

Suppose your residence in Memphis, TN sustains damage such as flooding from a major storm. In that case, you will require storm damage mitigation professionals to quickly and thoroughly restore your property to its original state. FEMA should provide help with some of the costs incurred.

What You Need To Know About Commercial Water Damage

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Experiencing water damage at your or Bartlett, TN or Cordova, TN business can be stressful, especially when it affects equipment and inventory. Many water emergencies are the result of a plumbing mishap and are graded into different categories. A Category 1 water emergency originates from a clean water source; however, there are a few facts you may want to be aware of to ensure proper cleanup.

Water Appliances Are A Common Leak Source

When a Category 1 flood occurs, the origin point is usually an appliance that dispenses water, such as a breakroom sink, an automatic ice maker, or a water cooler. Supply line leaks and breakage are often responsible. You can stem the water flow by shutting off the main water supply valve and sealing off the area until help arrives.

Sanitary Water Can Degrade Quickly 

Although Category 1 flood events have a clean water source, such as a broken pipe in your restaurant's kitchen, the resulting standing water can break down rapidly due to bacteria formation. Humidity and the introduction of dirt and debris from people's shoes as they attempt to clean up the mess. It is a good idea to call in flood damage and remediation service as quickly as possible to prevent water stagnation.

Mold Growth May Still Occur 

Unlike Category 3 water, which contains toxins and unsanitary debris, Category 1 can be simpler to deal with cleanup efforts. However, it is essential to remember that mold growth may occur days to weeks later if it is not adequately cleaned and dried. Mold grows in humid, moist areas and can flourish undetected behind drywall and underneath carpet padding. Ask your remediation technicians how to prevent this issue and whether your building is vulnerable after a Category 1 flood.

Clean water flooding at your Bartlett, TN, or Cordova, TN, business may not seem too serious at first. However, there're a few dangers connected with such an event, and knowing what to expect can help you protect the future of your commercial building.

Stay Safe During the Dog Days of Summer

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Stay Safe During the Dog Days of Summer

Summertime can be a dangerous season because of predictable hazardous conditions that promote dangerous weather, especially in the South (strong winds, tornadoes, hail, and flooding, among other treacherous situations).

Practice these summer safety tips, even as the season starts to wind down:

1. Have an Emergency Weather Kit

Put together a kit with bottled water, canned food, flashlight, first-aid kit, manual can opener, cell phone and charger, and other essentials in case your family experiences an unexpected natural disaster. Learn how to build a complete emergency kit HERE.

2. Fire Safety

Whether it's night time campfires or celebratory fireworks, being extra cautious with fire during the hot, sometimes dry, summertime months is crucial. Always be sure to fully extinguish campfires and never leave them unattended. Fireworks should be used safely and legally by adults 18+ and always in a clear area.  

3. Limit Heat and Sun Exposure

The later summer months can bring some of the South's hottest days. Be sure to limit your sun exposure, stay hydrated, be careful about exercising outdoors, and remain indoors as much as possible during heat advisories.

4. Have an Emergency Plan for Your Family and/or Business

Regardless of the season, it's smart to have an emergency plan in place for your home or business, but it can be critical during the summer months which bring a higher likelihood or natural disasters. Your plan should include making sure kids know their emergency contacts, setting up a central meeting place, and having important documents backed up to the cloud.

Many SERVPRO teams hit the road, traveling through risky danger zones to save or repair victims' property. They are compassionate and understanding because their jobs are not only to clean-up and repair, but also give home and business owners peace of mind after experiencing  tremendous loss of property and many times even loss of lives.

Summer is a fun time, but it can also be a tragic time. Be careful and watchful out there. For additional information regarding our business, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova at (901) 382-0900. Happy summer!

Career Opportunities at SERVPRO

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Interested in being a part of the SERVPRO family? Apply today! Image of cell phone. Interested in being a part of the SERVPRO family? Apply today!

With 17 franchises in 6 locations throughout TN, FL, and TX, SERVPRO Team Nicholson is an exciting, diverse, innovative place to work. We foster positive company culture, offer competitive compensation packages, and prioritize community involvement. Come find out what it takes to be a part of our team! 

Our mission is to be a proud, laser-focused team holding each other accountable while creating positive opportunities for our people and becoming the most efficiently run organization in the markets we serve. We value honesty, reliability, relationships, trustworthiness, and authenticity! Our team develops and provides solutions; we are go-getters and carry a “bring it” attitude to our work environment. We listen and value each other’s thoughts and ideas and strive to bring them to life. We are built on hard work, transparency, good business, and integrity. We believe “You can’t go wrong doing the right thing.” 

Bill Repsel, our Regional Administrator, shared his testimony on what it's like working for SERVPRO. He said "Every day is a new day. It is an opportunity to serve others in our community in a time of need. We have an incredible team of people with great talent that strives to make a difference every day." 

SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova is proud of the work we do and is always looking for like-minded people interested in a rewarding career. Please submit your resume to, stop by our office at 6755 Whitten Pl, Memphis, TN. from 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday or click here to check out our current job openings.

What to Know About Mitigation and Restoration

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

Residential property damage after a storm If your home has storm damage, call SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova!

Many companies in Bartlett, Tennessee, or Cordova, Tennessee, experience the risk of flooding after a massive storm. Fortunately, a flood cleanup company can help with restoration in the aftermath. However, you can do some mitigation steps before flooding happens that may help you protect the company property. Here are three things you may need to know regarding mitigation and restoration.

1. Mitigation Helps Prevent Damage

Mitigation is used when referring to preparation steps before a storm that may help reduce damage. These steps may include building dams around areas prone to pooling water, inspecting drainage clogs that can lead to water back up, and placing tarps or boards over spaces where wind damage can occur. More permanent forms include installing storm shutters or a sump pump.

2. Restoration Occurs After Damage

Restoration is used for any repairs after a storm, often performed by a flood cleanup company. These are done to get the property back in working order. It's recommended that restoration occurs as swiftly as possible, as doing so can help prevent further damage. You will often see your restoration team take additional protective steps to avoid damaged areas from being further exposed.

3. Both Are Important Steps

Taking mitigation steps before the storm, and contacting a restoration company to repair any damages afterward quickly are important steps to keeping your business property in top condition. Reducing the damage possibility beforehand, and making quick repairs may help you avoid long-term problems regarding property upkeep and maintenance.

You can take some mitigation steps to help protect company property before the storm arrives. If your business does experience flooding, contact SERVPRO of Bartlett / Cordova. We can arrive quickly to start the repair process before additional damage can occur. These options used together may help you prevent the necessity of costly repairs down the road.