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Fire Safety Tips for Children

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Educate your children on fire hazards, safety precautions and wise choices concerning electricity. According to the USFA (United States Fire Administration), fewer children are victims of house fires today compared to ten years ago because of an increase in public fire prevention education and prevention efforts. The following list includes safety and fire prevention measures, focusing on stay-at-home youngsters.

  1. Avoid use of the stove unless adult-supervised.
  2. Use caution when using electrical appliances in the bathroom or around water to avoid electricity and water accidents (hair dryers, curling irons, among other beauty aids that require electricity).
  3. Do not put connected extension cords under rugs or in reach of toddlers.
  4. Use covers on electrical outlets in every room to child proof.
  5. If burning odors are noticed, call 911, alert a trustworthy adult neighbor and call parents.
  6. Do not overload extension cords; by design, they increase the amount of power that runs from the outlet. It is dangerous to overload them with TV, stereos, game systems, etc. If cord feels warm to the touch, it may be overloaded.
  7. Quiz children monthly on an escape plan in case of fire.
  8. Teach them how to stop, drop and roll.

SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova feels strongly about educating families on electrical safety to help reduce the risk of fire damage to homes and business.  Any information that we can pass along to keep your family safe is paramount. For additional tips on electrical safety visit Memphis Fire Prevention.

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"Batten Down the Hatches" - Preparing for the Storm

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage "Batten Down the Hatches" - Preparing for the Storm When storms come through your town, SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova is ready for whatever happens.

What does that quote even mean? "Batten Down the Hatches." Several definitions apply, and folks have been using the phrase since 1867 when it was printed in Admiral W.H. Smyth's nautical encyclopedia The Sailor's Word Book.

The word "batten" is a verb (an action word), so to batten something you are doing something, and in this example "batten down hatches" means to make safe, be prepared in case water pours in from severe weather, flooding or strong winds. If there are windows, make sure they are tightly closed (batten). Prepare yourself, your family, house guests and others for the predicted harsh weather: tornado, hurricane, typhoon, monsoon or a strong downpour.

"Batten down the hatches" traveled from The Sailor's Word Book from ship talk as sailors went from "at sea" to living on dry land, the quote traveled with them then as familiar language often does; it was spread throughout the world like a nomad. On board a historic ship: Mayflower, Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Andrea Gail and even the Black Pearl doors on the floor of the crafts were shut tightly with tarps nailed over them to keep water from draining to the lower level of the ships during a storm at sea. These hatches still exist but are more modernly crafted.

If they are battened down securely and tightly, the bottom floor of a ship will appear dry, as if a sea storm "never even happened." Stay tuned to the weather channel so you can be prepared and warned by the meteorologist of incoming dangerous weather. Stock up on batteries, test flashlights for working order, have a cellular phone with the Red Cross and SERVPRO on speed dial. Don't forget to "batten down the hatches" at home on land (tightly shut doors and windows).

Fun Fact:

Bob Dylan’s (September 2012) song Tempest, recounts the story of the Titanic's sinking, He uses the lines: "They battened down the hatches, but the hatches wouldn't hold."

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SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova Fire Team Creates Another Happy Customer

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Happy Customer Feedback - Local Memphis Church

At SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova we are blessed to receive lots of positive feedback from our customers.  They come in the form of emails, phone calls, handwritten letters, and occasionally a simple text message. We would like to share the sweet text message our Fire Production Manager received last week from a customer who recently experienced a significant fire loss at her commercial property. 

"Good afternoon Chuck. This is Pastor Ruby! I wanted to personally take a moment to say thank you for your sensitivity, your professionalism and your expertise in handling this difficult situation for AWM…while I am aware that you deal with fires, catastrophes and natural disaster daily, the think that’s sticks out in mind is that you felt our loss and you treated me with empathy, compassion and heart….Let me simply say thank you and I pray that every individual you assist will experience that sincerity that I felt as you continue to do your job. Stay blessed! Pastor Ruby Holland."

Our Fire Team is hard at work once again creating a happy customer.  Thanks to everyone on our team for all you do to help our customers through these difficult times. 

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Mold Damage: Cleaning Tips and Warnings

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Mold Damage: Cleaning Tips and Warnings Moisture in ceiling caused mold damage in Arlington,TN

Black Mold Cleanup

Mold cleanup can be a scary process, especially if you are dealing with black mold, which can present certain risks. Fortunately, the cleanup process does not have to be overwhelming as long as you wear the proper safety gear.

  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Full body protective coveralls
  • Safety glasses

As long as you are taking your safety seriously, and you do not rush the cleanup, which could potentially release mold spores into the air, you may be able to clean out your building safely.

1. Repair Leaks

As a moisture problem is the likely culprit of mold growth, you will want to find and repair any leak that is feeding the issue. Generally, the leak will be close to the majority of the mold growth. You can usually follow the spread of mold to its source. If it is a leaky pipe, you will want to turn off the water supply before moving forward with the repair.

2. Scrub Hard Surfaces

While anything contaminated with black mold is better discarded, other mold types can be scrubbed from hard surfaces. All that is needed is a durable scrub brush, a mixture of detergent and water, and several clean rags that can be thrown away after drying the surface.

3. Discard Porous Materials

It may be tempting to keep porous items, like rugs and furniture, but it is not a wise decision. Mold seeps into these surfaces, making it difficult to clean the material thoroughly. Additionally, as it is nearly impossible to clean mold from these materials, they present a constant threat of continued mold contamination.

4. Ask a Professional

While cleaning up mold damage is possible on your own, it may be better to seek out a mold remediation specialist in the Arlington, TN, area. These professionals provide both expertise and the necessary equipment to ensure that you, your employees, and your clients or tenants remain healthy and happy.

Cleaning out excessive mold growth, especially black mold, can be a massive undertaking. If you are up to the task, then protect yourself and follow the tips above, but also know that there is no shame in hiring a professional.

How To Provide First Aid for Burns

11/21/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO How To Provide First Aid for Burns Apartment fire in Bartlett,TN

How to Care for Burns In The Workplace

Whether a fire is severe enough to cause fire damage, occupants of a commercial building may still suffer burns. It is important to keep burn first aid supplies on site. Here are four steps to care for burns in the workplace.

1. Determine the Severity

Assess the severity of a burn before attempting to provide first aid. Call for emergency assistance if a burn is severe, deep, or covers an area larger than three inches in diameter. While you wait for help to arrive, make sure that the person who has suffered the burn is safe. You may cover the affected area with a cool, moist bandage or clean cloth. It is possible to treat most minor burns on site.

2. Cool the Burn

Hold a burn under cool running water to relieve pain and limit cellular damage. You can also apply a damp compress. There is no need to immerse a burn in water.

3. Moisturize and Bandage

It is a good idea to have an emergency kit with burn cream in a commercial property in case of fire damage. Apply this ointment or another gentle moisturizer to a burn to prevent drying. Some formulas contain analgesics that help to relieve pain. Bandage the burn by loosely wrapping sterile gauze around the affected area. This material can safely cover delicate, blistered skin.

4. Avoid Breaking Blisters

Blisters form to protect burned areas from infection. Do not intentionally break these blisters. If a blister does break, cleanse the area with water. You have can also use mild soap. Apply antibiotic ointment and re-bandage the burn.

Take these burn first aid measures to treat injuries in the workplace. Call for medical help if burns are severe or extensive. If the incident that caused burns has also resulted in fire damage, contact a commercial mitigation and restoration company located in Bartlett, TN.

It’s All on the Surface: How Surface Water May be Causing Your Flooded Basement

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO It’s All on the Surface: How Surface Water May be Causing Your Flooded Basement Flooded basement in Cordova,TN

How To Protect Your Foundation And Prevent This Type Of Flooding

A flooded basement can be caused by surface water flooding, meaning external water that is not draining properly away from your home. There are a few things you can do to help protect your foundation and prevent this type of flooding.

1. Dealing with Roofline Overflow

Overflowing and clogged gutter systems can result in significant damage, overflow from gutters can lead to the wearing away of soil and foundational cracks. The three most common causes of gutter system overflow and basement flooding are:

  • Leaf Buildup: Gutters should be cleaned a few times per year, typically at the change of seasons. When debris is left to clog the gutters, the overflow trickles down exterior walls and into your basement.
    • Insufficient Downspouts: If there are not enough downspouts, or if they are an inadequate diameter, then water can overflow during heavy rains.
    • Inadequate Downspout Length: Downspouts should extend at least 10 feet away from your home.

2. Preventing Flooding Due to Landscape Design

If not sloped properly, landscaping can force surface water to settle toward the house, which if left unchecked, will weaken the soil around your foundation and lead to cracks in basement walls, allowing water to enter. Avoid this issue by ensuring all landscaping, pathways, and driveways slope away from your home. If this is not possible, then invest in a proper drainage system around your home that will carry water away from your foundation.

3. Reducing the Risk of Storm Water Backing Up

For many older homes, city storm sewers are connected to a perimeter drain. While a sump pump can prevent the risk of water backing up, when heavy rains hit, storm drains can become overwhelmed and leave your sump pump ill-equipped to handle the surge. Installing a cap on the external drain can resolve the issue but may involve the assistance of storm damage specialists in the Cordova,TN, area.

A flooded basement may be easily prevented by eliminating common causes of surface water flooding. Ensuring gutter systems are adequate, sloping landscaping away from your foundation, and capping off nuisance drain pipes are several ways to help you prevent future flooding.

Fire Damage Recovery: Clarified

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Recovery: Clarified Fire damage due to space heater running in Cordova,TN

Fire recovery is a simple term that encompasses complex types of damage and actions needed to mitigate that damage. Fire damage is more than charred building materials. When it comes to damage cleaning, here are some things that may include for a house fire:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Soot
  • Water

Recovering from a fire may also include many different stages that come down to two key categories:

Mitigation and restoration.

Mitigation is about stopping the bleed and includes the immediate steps taken to minimize damage. Fire restoration focuses on getting your home back to the condition it was in before the fire took place. A professional fire recovery company should offer services that include mitigation and restoration. The right company in Cordova, TN, can be one point of contact to handle all aspects of recovery, including:

* Protection from further damage. This may involve boarding up or tarping the home, or installing a temporary fence to protect people from entering an unsafe building and to keep vandals out.

* Water removal. Water may have been used in the firefight or entered from subsequent damage such as pipe breakage or a storm. Fast water removal is critical to prevent subsequent damage.

* Damaged materials removal and cleanup. This may include drying water-damaged materials, or the cleanup of soot and smoke damage. Building materials that cannot be recovered are removed.

* Cleaning personal items. An important part of fire restoration includes cleanup of your personal belongings. Various methods are utilized for this stage, depending on the materials and type of damage. Items may be cleaned on site or cataloged and removed for special cleaning methods offsite.

* Rebuilding. The final step in recovery is rebuilding; this may include things like structural materials replacement or painting a room.

Fire restoration encompasses many different needs. Know that the right company can manage that process from beginning to end, working with you and your insurance company each step of the way to ease the process for your family.

Weathering the Storm: Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Company

10/17/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Weathering the Storm: Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Company Disaster preparedness is an essential and multifaceted element of any business

Disaster preparedness requires a multifaceted plan to ensure the continuity of your business, the safety of your employees, the security of your building, and proactive planning for building and business recovery. Read below for a more thorough overview of these essential elements of disaster planning.

1. Continuity Preparations

One of the first steps in business preparedness is the creation of a business continuity plan. This plan is typically written and printed in a binder or several binders and distributed to top executives and managers in case of an emergency. The plan compiles all vital information regarding business operations, such as procedural changes, managerial and executive contacts, and any financial and crisis readiness information.

2. Employee Preparations

Disaster preparedness can be vital to the safety of employees. You may want to prepare an emergency checklist that is distributed to all employees. This checklist would define emergency procedures and inform workers of all emergency exits, shelters and evacuation measures. Also, while it may not be regulated, you may want to conduct monthly safety meetings to ensure that all employees are knowledgeable of safety protocols and company expectations.

3. Building Preparations

Beyond operations continuity and employee safety, building preparations should be taken to minimize structural and property damage in the event of an imminent natural disaster. Operating in Cordova, TN, where hurricanes and high winds are typical, you may want to invest in storm shutters and biannual inspections of your roof. Additionally, when the weather turns, you may want to secure heavy objects, such as furniture and machinery, and elevate delicate equipment, such as computers, in case of flooding.

4. Aftermath Preparations

Lastly, you may want to contact a disaster preparation and  restoration company to go over your emergency planning options. Some companies offer preplanning services that allow you to create a personalized recovery plan for your business.

Disaster preparedness is an essential and multifaceted element of any business. An emergency plan should encompass preparations for business continuity, employee safety, building security and restorative planning.

Sources of Category 3 Water: What You Need To Know

10/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Sources of Category 3 Water: What You Need To Know Water damage on a kitchen due to leak from dishwasher in Memphis,TN

When flood waters enter your Memphis, TN, home, the results can be devastating. Floors, walls and furniture can all be affected, and the humidity that develops inside the home due to standing water might create further damage, such as mold growth. Water that is heavily contaminated, also known as black water, can be especially difficult to remove. However, understanding the situation may help you form an effective plan of action for recovery.

Waterway Overflow

Long periods of rain or sudden torrential downpours can cause localized flooding. Your home may be especially prone to this problem if you live near a natural water source. These can include:

  • A river
  • A large creek
  • Fast-moving streams

Because floodwaters can grow as they move, they can pick up a variety of contaminants like animal feces, sewage chemicals and toilet water. This is where Category 3 black water gets its nickname, as it is often dark with contaminants.

Sewage Floods

Outdoor flooding can cause secondary issues, such as a sewer backup in your home. When this occurs, your toilets can overflow with sewer water and waste. Because the resulting flood often creates a contaminated water situation, it is important that you call in a flood damage and water removal company to handle the sewage cleanup and restoration work.

Standing Water

Floodwater that comes from overflowing water appliances or a burst pipe in your kitchen may not start out as Category 3 water, but the longer the water sits, the more contaminated it can become. Humidity can cause stagnant water to degrade, so calling in professionals to have it removed as soon as possible may help minimize the damage.

Black water can cause serious damage to your Memphis, TN, home. However, when you understand the source and have a team of flood removal experts standing by, you can often reduce the risk of mold growth and other issues that could be costly later on.

The Hidden Cost of Leaks

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Hidden Cost of Leaks Water leak can cause damage to your commercial property

You get your water bill for your commercial property in Bartlett, TN, and you can't believe the number you see. Large spikes in utility bills are often the first signs property owners notice that they have a water leak in their building. Whether the leak comes from inside or outside the property, it will need to be fixed, or over time you may lose thousands of dollar due to heftier water bills.

Inside the Building

With miles of pipe running through your building, it is likely that at some point a leak is going to happen. Some of the most common interior leaks include:

• Leaky toilet caused by a faulty flapper in tank
• Leaky faucet caused by a faulty washer or loose handle
• Pipe break in the walls
• Loose or broken supply line

If you have a water leak inside your building, it not only drives up your water bill, it can also cause significant water damage or even a mold problem if it goes undetected. Then you will have the added cost of water remediation services to add to the list.

Outside the Building

You may have even less control over what goes on outside your building. If your irrigation system is leaking, you may not know it until you get that high bill if you are not conducting routine checks. If the lateral line to your meter is cracked, it can affect the area around your foundation. Look for unusually wet places on the lawn or near your meter or suspicious pooling of water anywhere on your property. If you find such a space during your inspections, contact professional remediation experts to find and fix it the leak.

A water leak can cost you a lot of money if it goes undetected. Protect your business from high bills and water damage by conducting regular inspections and having leaks fixed before they become a big problem.

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