Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Damage Response Team

Our Storm Team responded to this storm damaged property. After rain had broken through the ceiling the water flooded the building leaving a lot of dam... READ MORE

Kitchen Damaged By Water in Cordova, TN

Kitchen Damaged By Water in Cordova, TNWhen a pipe in the ceiling above this kitchen broke, it caused the ceiling to come down over the stove. The extent o... READ MORE

Water Damage in Memphis, TN

Water Damage in Memphis, TNThis bathroom was damaged by water when a pipe burst in the wall above the toilet. The wall had burst and fallen through and on top o... READ MORE

Wood Flooring Water Damage in Bartlett

Wood floors are beautiful but cannot get wet without taking on some of that water. It is very important to dry out wood quickly to assure that mold does not gro... READ MORE

Cordova Home Suffers Broken Pipe

This home in Cordova had a broken pipe in the ceiling break flooding this room, the hall, and the stairs.When water goes through building materials it is someti... READ MORE

Memphis Customer's Heavily Fire Damaged Crystal

Memphis TN house fire damages customer's irreplacable crystal set which held tremendous sentimental value.These special crystal pieces happened to belong to the... READ MORE

Hotel Water Damage in Millington, TN

A water heater in the attic of a Millington, TN hotel ruptured and caused extensive damage to several rooms and hallways. The water damage affected rooms that w... READ MORE

Nativity Set Restored After House Fire

This unique nativity set was found covered in soot after a Memphis home suffered severe fire and smoke damage due to a kitchen fire. Often items such as this se... READ MORE

Jewelry Successfully Restored After Smoke Damage

Smoke damaged ring restored to pre-fire condition SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova had the opportunity to restore this Memphis TN customer's extensive jewelry ... READ MORE

Water Damage to Commercial Property in Memphis TN

Water can cause extensive damage to a property if not mitigated quickly. This commercial customer was quite impressed when SERVPRO of Bartlett/Cordova arrived w... READ MORE